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Life Management

NATALIA MARCIUC, dermatologist-trichologist

Mrs. Marciuc is the head of the Life Management Department, dermatologist of higher category, working at the center since 2002. She specializes in dermatovenerology, trichology and laser medicine. She has done numerous internships in Europe and CIS countries; she is one of the three certified doctors coordinators in the Republic of Moldova. Within her work as doctor coordinator she has helped solving problems of improving physical condition, appearance and wellbeing for very many patients. Mrs. Marciuc is friendly, smiling, shows great sympathy and care for every client, does her best to achieve the goal jointly set with the patient. One can deservedly say that Mrs. Marciuc is an Ace in her field.




SVETLANA PLESCA, vertebrologist

Doctor of Medicine, neurologist-vertebrologist of higher category. Mrs. Plesca regularly improves her knowledge and practical skill abroad, takes part in international conferences, provides consultative and medical help to patients with spinal pathology problems. Mrs. Plesca is energetic, active, benevolent, open to communication, for which she is very attractive to patients and benefits from their boundless trust and gratitude.




Eugen – doctor surgeon of higher category with a big experience in domain of general surgery, manages new progressive methods of surgeon treatment. In contact with everybody he is communicable and friendly. Knowledge and skills obtained during his work in country and abroad, allow him to offer consultations and medical treatments (vascular sclerotherapy, removal of mimic wrinkles of upper and lower part of the face, Aptos thread).



LUDMILA SVEDOVA, gynecologist

Mrs. Svedova is Doctor of Medicine, physician of higher category, author of over 60 scientific works and articles, holder of honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Health. Mrs. Svedova possesses all the methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients with different gynecologic pathologies. She has been giving consultations and treatment at Medazur Med Spa since 2008. Mrs. Svedova is attentive, gentle and caring with each client, taking them as close people, whose problems are not alien, and is always ready to help in any situation in life.

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