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Medical Wellness

VICTORIA VASILEVSCHI, wellness trainer 

Victoria has been working with Medazur Med Spa since 2008. Now she is the head of Wellness department. She decided to dedicate herself to sports in 1999; a bit later she started practicing yoga professionally. Victoria has successfully completed training in Pilates system by the single certified Pilates trainer in the Republic of Moldova Diana Rojnova, Ecosport Club. In the Pilates studio of Medazur Med Spa, Victoria leads extremely interesting training on mates, small and large equipment. She chooses diverse targeted training program corresponding to the needs and possibilities of each client separately. Victoria has a good sense of humor, she is open, very balanced, finds an approach to clients quickly, while her good mood will infect you by the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Victoria will help you gain good physical condition and the feeling of harmony of the spirit and body.




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