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ANNA SMONDARI, the manicure and pedicure specialist

Anna Smondar, the manicure and pedicure specialist

Anna is a professional, she has mastered skills in apparatus pedicure and manicure, medical pedicure (Podiatry), spa care for hands and feet. Her work experience is over 5 years in this profession.

She repeatedly took trainings and professional development on classical and medical care for the hands and feet, apparatus pedicure and manicure techniques in Moldova and in the CIS countries.

Excellently passed advanced training courses at "Podiatry" at I. Pelogievskogo, St. Petersburg (one of the best specialists of CIS countries on problematic nails, diabetic foot). Now Anna professionally and thoroughly solves the problem of ingrown toenails, calluses and cracks. Properly selects and explains home care methods.

She passed the European School of spa care for hands and feet in the Vinoble Company.

In her arsenal she has the "Nail Design" class and "Cover with Shih lacquers".

She received special training for the prevention of fungal infections of the nails and skin, hepatitis C and B, she is very pedantic, and fluent in modern skills of sterilization of instruments and handling them for your security.

Anna is charismatic and energetic, strong and caring; she has refined creative approach to each individual person. She always has for you fashionable shades of lacquer, always for the season and for the occasion. Anna is aware of all the fashion trends, and will always help you to choose the color you want and  if it is necessary, the means to strengthen and  treat your nails.

Anna believes that the health of the hands and feet needs constant care.

She is happy and gets satisfaction from her favorite work!

Her hobbies are: sports, history.

TATIANA PAVLOVA, hairdresser

Tatyana Pavlova is a hairdresser and makeup artist of the center, her professional experience is over 10 years.

During the last 5 years, Tatiana had repeated trainings in Moscow, Kiev, St. - Petersburg in professional hair coloring making of creative male and female haircuts, exquisite evening and wedding hairstyles with elements of weaving braids. Now Tatyana successfully implements her creativity and artistic talent.

Tatiana trained at the famous hairstyles stylist Patrick Cameron and currently posesses techniques of natural and fast hair styling.

She had the training in make-up from Elena Krygina and professionally owns makeup techniques: day, evening and wedding makeup (from mother to daughter).

Hairdresser-makeup artist Tatiana owns techniques of eyelash extensions, eyelashes and eyebrows coloring, giving a fashionable shape to the eyebrows, and new methods of wax depilation with wax film.

Tatiana will perform an overview diagnosis for your hair and scalp on the basis of which will help to solve your problem (if any), and will help you to select a qualified home care according to the situation of the hair and scalp.

Tatiana is masterful in the patented eco-technology of hair recovery and revitalization, which is exclusively represented in Medazur Med Spa. She possesses professionally various hair spa rituals, based on organic cosmetics and premium cosmetics, after which the hair get shine, elasticity and firmness.

During the hair treatment, Tatiana can perform paraffinic therapy for your hands and feet using moisturizing oils.

Tatiana is sociable, affable master with a good taste, her mischievous smile and skilled hands can work wonders and charge you with a good mood for the whole day. If you desire, she can easily help you to choose a new way for you to feel comfortable and confident.

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