Autumn Beauty at Medazur Med Spa

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Autumn Beauty at Medazur Med Spa

Autumn Beauty at Medazur Med Spa

1. Branded beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

has established itself as the leading set of procedures in laser aesthetic medicine. The highest technology, attention to the smallest detail, the technique and professionalism, a unique combination of procedures and as a result - flawless look of your skin:

  • improvement of skin color - elimination of age spots, vessels
  • improving the quality of the skin - elasticity, firmness, hydration and then narrowing
  • strengthening the skin structure - the formation of new collagen

Beauty Recipe number 1:               

- 10% №3 facial photorejuvenation treatments, interval 1 month

- 20% №3 Laser gel mask in the day of rejuvenation treatments

- 20% №6 Chemical facial peeling between rejuvenation procedures

* Before the 3-month course the dermatologist recommends a classic facial cleansing

Beauty Recipe number 2:

- 12% face rejuvenation treatment

- 12% Radio wave lifting for eyes

- 12% Laser gel mask

* Minimum recommended course - 3 complexes of procedures

2. Beauty demands...

Women and Gentlemen who value time and after 35+ want to look gorgeous and not according to their age!

One week time out of work and age is not an obstacle for you!

Fractional skin rejuvenation, 1 hour - 199.9 C.U.

!Autumn Fraxel Strong  - 140 C.U.,    Fraxel light - 120 C.U.

3. Youth of your Eyes

The eyes have no age! The relevance of this postulate can no longer cancel anyone. Medazur Med Spa dermatologists recommend one treatment per year at the age of 35+, three procedures per year at the age of 45+. And your "rays of happiness" - will be out of the age!

Fractional skin rejuvenation, 45 minutes - 69.9 C.U.

4. Skin recovery after a hot summer

Summer is behind ... but dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation remained? Treat yourself:

  • profound and optimal hydration of the skin
  • perfect complexion
  • excellent skin elasticity

Experience the comfort, tenderness, and the ideal of your skin.

* Medazur Med Spa Dermatologists recommend even in case of irritation, peeling and very sensitive skin.

The recommended course is 4 treatments with an interval of 7-10 days

Biorevitalization SUNEKOSS, 1 hour 30 minutes - 149.9 C.U.

1st treatment -10%

2nd syringe in one visit -20%

*Correction areas: face, eyelids, neck, chest, hands, scars and stretch marks

5. The magnificence of your figure!

Harmony and elegance - the magnificence of your figure!

Without surgery, without exhausting workouts and diets...?! Try it and convince yourself:

  • painless
  • safe
  • quick results.

The combination of hardware and body massage shockwave therapy of problem areas in a single visit, 1 hour 30 minutes

 -10% from 2 or more zones

6. The good health philosophy 

New in Beauty Industry - Chiromassage for face - the youth of your skin, complete relaxation, has a positive impact on the psychophysical state. The procedure is unusual! Positive energy and good mood for the whole day!

Chiromassage for face 1 hour - 34.9 C.U.

Autumn -17%

 Hand mask during hiromassage -17%

7. Chemical peeling

Summer, sea, sun, and on the other side of the scale: pigmentation, dryness, skin exfoliation :(
Now this is not a problem, we offer you the most gentle and effective treatment in the form of superficial peeling of the new generation. All your problems remain in summer bat autumn you will be luxuriously fresh and beautiful.

 Autumn superficial peeling 5 + 1 as a present

Glycolic Peeling:

1 area          34,90 C.U.  29 C.U.

2 zones        52,40 C.U.  43 C.U.

3 zones        69,80 C.U.  58 C.U.

8. The Tandem works perfectly

Purity is the guarantee of health! To have a clean and healthy skin without rashes and blackheads -  is the desire of everyone. Facial cleansing in combination with a chemical peeling will help you to:

  • improve the complexion
  • Align your tone
  • remove small skin defects
  • reduce the oiliness of the skin in the T zone
  • save time and money

Chemical superficial peeling and face cleaning, 2 hours - 69.8 C.U.

In autumn 1 hour 30 minutes - 56 C.U.

9. Men's strength

Balneotherapy (therapeutic bath), based on the extract drawing from the horns of the reindeer in combination with classic massage removes physical fatigue, muscle tension, activates the metabolism, strengthens the male power.
It guarantees high efficiency and good mood!

Antler bath and medical massage, 1 hour - 66.8 C.U.

  autumn - 20%

10. Specially for men - active rejuvenating facial treatment from Vinoble Concern. 

Vinoble Cosmetics (Austria) has developed two exclusive treatment for men: Classic and Premium.
Based on only natural bio-ingredients, the highest quality products - the effect will not take long to appear!
The smooth and well-groomed skin of a brutal man - the standard of good taste.

Vinoble Classic Man, 1 hour - 74.9 U.C.
Vinoble Premium Man, 1 hour 30 minutes - 84.9 U.C.

 Autumn - 15%

11. The vital force for your hair

Intense Summer heat, wind power, sea water - stress for your hair. We offer you several types of restorative hair care:

  • oil
  • herbal
  • premium class bio care from Vinoble

Based on only natural organic ingredients, your hair will be shiny and well groomed! Neck massage improves microcirculation, increase the efficiency of procedures and relieves stress.

Exclusive grass care, infused on oils,

1 hour - 30 U.C.

Herbal Hair Wrap with neck massage,

1 hour - 49.8 ye,  autumn 39 U.C.

Luxurious oily hair wrap from Vinoble with massage of neck area,

1 hour 30 minutes - 91.8 U.C., autumn 69 U.C.

12. Autumn leaf fall

 Haircut with hair styling at a special price

 Hair down to the shoulders, 1 hour - 25.9 U.C., autumn 20 U.C

 Hair below the shoulders, 1 hour 30 minutes - 28.9 U.C., autumn 23 U.C.

 Luxury Regenerating Care Pro Fiber

1 hour 30 minutes 69.9 C.U. - 60 C.U.

 - 20% on Home Care Pro Fiber

  • Prolongs the effect of salon treatments
  • For damaged hair
  • Heavily damaged
  • Very badly damaged

The real hair repair!

A unique shampoo and a mask of Kerastase on the basis of black caviar, Kerastase Chronologiste, is suitable:

  • For all hair types
  • Restores the balance of fats
  • Detangles
  • Oleo-oil complex: Amle, Maize, Camelia, Argana gives shine, softness and nutrition

Professional strong hold spray, the hair remains mobile.

The legendary line for colored hair Vitamino color

  • Restores the fiber of colored hair
  • Retains color intensity
  • Protects against UV factors

When buying a shampoo and conditioner Vitamino color - the mask as a gift!

Reconstructive shampoo and mask for dry and damaged hair.

Contains Pro-Keratine, 4 amino acids and Gluco-peptide, extract Mrothamnus Flabolli foile (plant that is capable of surviving an almost complete drying)

  • Mask that disciplines hair
  • Provides necessary nutrition
  • Gives smoothness and shine
  • Repair damaged hair areas
  • Provides flexibility

- 25% on Therapiste shampoo + mask Maskeratine

Loreal set in a gift box

-20% on any set (Loreal shampoo with a mask or air conditioner)

Kerastase Homme

The line of beauty products specially designed for men for maintaining the hair mass.

The composition contains Taurine – the protein that activates cell division and provides elasticity of the collagen fibers.

- 20% on Kerastase Homme

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