Autumn Metamorphosis

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Autumn Metamorphosis

Rejuvenation skin care

Brand beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

Cosmetological face cleansing *

Photorejuvenation – 3 sessions –10%

NEW! Laser mask with chlorophyll – 3 sessions –10%

Chemical peeling – 5+1 sessions as a gift

Photorejuvenation - is an incredibly efficient and safe procedure, is recommended after 30 years. After the rejuvenating procedure, diffuse erythema, spider veins and pigment spots decrease significantly. The skin gains firmness and freshness.

Specialists achieve the best results with the combination of photorejuvenation and chemical peeling (both in Medazur Med Spa assortment).

A unique opportunity to saturate your skin with natural antioxidants is the laser mask with chlorophyll.

Special offer for this season –10% for photorejuvenation and laser mask with chlorophyll, if you have both procedures in one day!

*cosmetological face cleansing on your wish

Dermatologist recommend: According to the “golden” standards of aesthetic medicine, the first stage of photorejuvenation is the cosmetological face cleansing which will clean the pores deeply and thus will prevent inflammatory processes during skin treatment.

Our experience - your beauty!

The gold standard of autumn

This fall season, start your course – with skin photorejuvenation - the foundation of all anti-aging dermatological and aesthetic procedures.

Fast, safe, effective and practically painless!

As a result of photorejuvenation the skin elasticity improves, wrinkles become smooth, spider veins and pigment spots significantly get reduced, pores narrow. The skin becomes smooth and bright.

skin photorejuvenation + neck + decollete

 photorejuvenation of hands skin as a gift!

Start your rejuvenation with Autumn!

Double rejuvenation

The uniqueness of this offer: effective, quick and at a special price!

Basic Skin Rejuvenation - Photorejuvenation

English diode lamp in combination with anti-aging gel mask for a special price -40%

The duo of beauty and youth!

Autumn Beauty

Specially selected set of procedures ensures complexion improvement and skin tone uniformity, elimination of pigmentation, telangiectasia, narrowing the pores and lifting effect.

1 Photorejuvenation treatment -7%

2 Sublative fractional rejuvenation treatments -7%

As a gift - micellar water Bioderma (France)

Duration of the course 3 months, the frequency is once a month.

The flowering of your beauty!

The perfect combination

The perfect combination of Photorejuvenation and Biorevitalization to improve face colour, skin texture, lifting and wrinkles smoothing in problem areas, especially area around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid and essential amino acids that comprise unique biorevitalization mix deeply moisturizes the skin, strengthen and prolong the effects of lifting and rejuvenation treatments accelerate recovery after it.


  Biorevitalization Jalupro / Jalupro HMW

  Special price for the procedure -7%

  As a gift - micellar water Bioderma (France)

Beauty wins!

Exclusively in Medazur Med Spa

Treatment of PWS - "wine stains"

The unique procedure of removing vascular lesions on the face, head and body using the vascular laser of last generation with no analogues:

! without medication

! without surgery

! without anesthesia

Held from the first days of life. Has no contraindications.

The result is guaranteed!

The youth of your skin

Minimal damage on the skin surface, deep collagen heating and a stunning effect: wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes smooth, stretchy and elastic.

In Europe it is called "a lunch break procedure with long-playing pronounced effect."

Sublative fractional rejuvenation treatment

Gel mask for hydration in combination with the regenerating laser -50% if the procedures are in a day!

As a gift - micellar water Bioderma (France)

Duration of the course is 3 procedures, the frequency of procedures is once a month.

With us, miracles are possible!

A revolutionary skin tightening and rejuvenation method

The most innovative skin rejuvenation method recommended after the age of 35.

The peculiarity of this method lies in the fact that it affects the outer layer of skin to a minimum extent and provides a maximum effect to its deeper layers.

100 percent of patients noticed an improvement in the skin quality manifested through a smoother and better toned skin. The result appears gradually.


  • it is a plastic surgery analogue –implies no intervention and anesthesia
  • has a quick healing process
  • can be performed at any time of the year
  • it is suitable for all types of skin

Feel the magic of rejuvenation on your own skin!

Facial Rejuvenation

Duration 30 min

Price 2590 MDL, an eye mask for free!

Rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté zone

Duration 1 hour

Price 3590 MDL, a neckline mask for free!

Eyelid Skin Rejuvenation

Duration 30 min

Price 680 MDL, eyelid mesotherapy-15%!

French Beauty

A French non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique with no analogues! 


  •  it is a luxury, pleasant and relaxing treatment
  •  it increases the synthesis of collagen
  •  it enhances the microcirculation
  •  it improves the skin condition
  •  it provides a tightening and lifting effect

“The natural rejuvenation of your skin”

Duo - a special face lifting treatment performed with the English-diode lamp, which uses red lights and has a capacity 100 times greater than the one provided by all of the similar devices.

Bioderma Cleansing Milk, France for free!

Duration 1 hour

Price  1003 MDL   855 MDL

Trio - a special face lifting treatment performed with the English-diode lamp and anti-aging therapy nano serum (according to indications).

Bioderma Cleansing Milk, France for free!

Duration 1 hour

Price  1365 MDL   950  MDL

Acne treatment without pharmaceuticals

An innovative English method that is now available in Moldova as well!

The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that it targets only the problematic parts of the skin.


  • it is painless
  • it can be performed at any time of the year
  • it is suitable for adults and children over 12 years
  • it provides a highly effective anti-inflammatory effect without medication
  • it restores the healthy lipid balance of the skin

Recommended course: 10 procedures; frequency: 2-3 times per week

“Healthy skin - today it is a reality!”

Healthy skin

Duration 30 min, Price  493 MDL

Special offer - for a course of 10 procedures - 2 procedures for free!

Autumn offer!

Medazur Med Spa dermatologists take care of your skin health and beauty and recommend specially selected cosmetic products that prolong the effect of purity, renewal and will optimally balance your skin after a professional cleaning treatment.

Professional cosmetic facial cleansing

Face peeling & Balancing Cream - Organic Organic cosmetics of premium class Vinoble (Austria)  - a special autumn offer -20%

The shining of your skin!  

After any procedure in Medazur Med Spa

-10% Laser mask (with / without chlorophyll)

-10% Omnilux gel mask (with / without chlorophyll)  

Body Rejuvenation

Autumn time - time to consolidate the summer result!

Rely on our professionalism, accumulated experience and new equipment and while maintaining your tan, we will preserve the slimness and firmness of your body.

The XXI century liposuction analogue

A unique non-invasive procedure aimed at combating excess weight and sagging skin!

This Swiss therapy method triggers the skin renewal and rejuvenation processes and speeds up the metabolism in tissues. The fibrous septum is reabsorbed, the capillary blood flow is improved and the lymph flow rate is increased already after the first procedures. As a consequence, the amount of body fat is reduced and the muscle elasticity is improved. The fibroblasts are stimulated and the collagen production is increased. This enhances the tissue turgor.


removal of localized fat deposits

treatment of cellulite

restoration of skin flexibility and elasticity

general decrease in bodyweight

Autumn-ish weight control!

From 4 or more zones, 25% discount!

Exclusively in Medazur Med Spa!

Your body in the hands of a sculptor!

Body Thread-Lift (meso-threads) - modern non-surgical skin thread – based lifting. The meso-threads create an intra-dermal shell, smooth the wrinkles and tighten the sagging skin. The meso-threads are painless, safe and are simply absorbed over time being replaced by the skin's own collagen. As a result, your skin becomes even smoother and suppler.

The Body Thread-Lifting – a non-surgical skin sculpting procedure.

From 30 or more threads, 25% discount!

Wellness Package “Warm autumn evening”

The therapeutic session is aimed at regulating the metabolic processes, as well as strengthening and invigorating the immunity system. The ginger will support the immune defense of the body, the mud mask will saturate the tissue with mineral substances while the massage will help relieve tension and restore body vitality.

The wellness package includes: 

Thermo spa with mineral mud mask

Ginger body peeling

Classic medical massage of the body

Ginger tea

Nature-enhanced immunity!

Duration 2 hour

Price 1950 MDL   1690 MDL

Wellness Package “Slim & Fit”

The package includes three unique and effective procedures aimed at improving cell metabolism and detoxifying the body. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and the cellulite is reduced. Feel the surge of strength and energy with the Slim & Fit wellness package.

The wellness package includes: 

Warming up on the Thermal Spa water bed

Body peeling based on high quality salt and grape seeds

Detoxification and contouring massage

Drainage phyto-treatments

Keep yourself in good shape!

Duration 2 hours

Price 1689 MDL   1490 MDL

* In order to enhance the results, we recommend visiting the Pilates studio

Duration 60 min  

Price 400 MDL

Unique offer

Striae (stretch marks) treatment

The latest generation laser very carefully "grinds" and evens skin striae, warming the deep layers, contributing to the improvement of cell metabolism, fibroblasts activation, synthesis of new collagen and consequently, shrinking the skin and improve its appearance. A hyaluronic acid in combination with amino acids is a "natural frame" that strengthens fractional laser impact in the field of changed and weakened skin.

  Fractional laser treatment of stretch marks

 Injection treatment of stretch marks 1 zone -7%

The fibrin mask of own plasma on the treated area for free!

Unique offer becomes more accessible!

NEW! Whisky body wrapping

Autumn time …

                      …try the magical effect, enjoy the transformation and warm up with Whisky wrapping in Med Spa Medazur.

The technique of wet swaddling of the leading austrian body care brand Aromaderm offers exclusive an effectively wraps.

Today it is one of the best medical methods to lose weight, reduce the volumes, remove toxins, and improve skin appearance.

Visible results after first treatment!

Duration 1 hour 30 min

Price  1105 MDL

Pedicure, manicure and hair restoration -

Only a medical approach!

Summer is an awesome season, a carefree time when all our worries seem to be so far away. Fortunately, the beautiful autumn is always ready to remedy all the adverse effects it leaves behind…

We can help you to have healthy, beautiful, resilient and hydrated hair, strong and shiny nails and delicate pink heels (if desired, the procedures can be carried out simultaneously, saving you time).

“Restore your hair”

Hair BIO lamination – exclusively in Medazur Med Spa (patented programme based on high-tech medicinal herbs).

Duration 1 hour 30 min

Price for the 1st procedure: 1450 MDL, for the 2nd procedure - 15%!

Hair styling for free!

Hot drink from spa café for free!

Keratin-based hair restoration – gives your hair shine, elasticity and perfect smoothness.

Shoulder-length hair: duration 1 hour 15 min / price 765 MDL

Hair below the shoulders: duration 1 hour 30 min / price 919 MDL

Hair styling for free!

Home hair care products (at choice) – 30%

“Autumn-ish restorative care treatment”

Medical pedicure

Facial Lifting and Moisturizing, only in September – 40 %

Duration 1 hour 15 min, is performed by 2 specialists at the same time.

Price 984MDL 765 MDL

“The pleasurable Baden”

Medical manicure

Professional facial care based on thermal cosmetics from Baden-Baden

Hot drink from spa café for free!

Duration 50 min, is performed by 2 specialists at the same time.

Price  977 MDL    799 MDL

Express care treatment “Health and beauty”

Medical manicure

Partial body massage at choice (face, upper back, feet)

Bio Organic tea from spa café for free!

Duration 45 min, is performed by 2 specialists at the same time.

Price  654 MDL    555 MDL

“Long-lasting beautiful nails”

Nails coating with therapeutic gel polish

Duration 45 min

Price  327 MDL    229 MDL

Removal and coating of the nail with therapeutic gel polish

Duration 1 hour 15 min

Price  422 MDL    317 MDL

Removal of the gel polish

Duration 30 min

Price  189 MDL    132 MDL

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