Branded beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

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Branded beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

Branded beauty recipe from Medazur Med Spa:

has established itself as the leading set of procedures in laser aesthetic medicine. The highest technology, attention to the smallest detail, the technique and professionalism, a unique combination of procedures and as a result - flawless look of your skin:

  • improvement of skin color - elimination of age spots, vessels
  • improving the quality of the skin - elasticity, firmness, hydration and then narrowing
  • strengthening the skin structure - the formation of new collagen

Beauty Recipe number 1:               

- 10% №3 facial photorejuvenation treatments, interval 1 month

- 20% №3 Laser gel mask in the day of rejuvenation treatments

- 20% №6 Chemical facial peeling between rejuvenation procedures

* Before the 3-month course the dermatologist recommends a classic facial cleansing

Beauty Recipe number 2:

- 12% face rejuvenation treatment

- 12% Radio wave lifting for eyes

- 12% Laser gel mask

* Minimum recommended course - 3 complexes of procedures

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