Collection of gifts for Men!

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Collection of gifts for Men!

Lovely Ladies!

We suggest you use our gift certificates’ system and give your precious men some unforgettable gifts!

See below our collection of men's gifts!


Collection of gifts for Men!

The representatives of strength and virility need care and attention as well. Immerse yourself in the world of beauty! Confide in the mastery of our specialists!


For real men

Mobility and energy is your motto! The intense sports massage, performed by a Medazur Med Spa therapist, connects the professionalism and the virility together.

  • Sports massage
  • Thai red tea with milk
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

Pace of life - your strength!

Duration 50 minutes / Price 833 MDL



During one session, you will be able to simultaneously visit different parts of the world … Just think about it - elements of the Swedish, Thai, aromatherapy and sports techniques are collected together in one single massage - Fusion. This type of massage is the perfect solution for those interested in an intensive rejuvenation!

  • Mix massage
  • English smoothie
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

It’s time to relax and take a break!

Duration 50 minutes / Price 850 MDL


Business package

You have to manage everything and look well at the same time?! Our experts will take care of your skin, deeply moisturizing it and remove the signs of fatigue in no time. While the rejuvenating face, neck and shoulder massage will improve your blood circulation and relieve tension. You will look and feel much better!

  • Professional facial treatment
  • Business Manicure
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

 It’s time to manage everything!

Duration 50 minutes / Price 896 MDL


VIP package

Flawless appearance – a success and self-confidence imperative attribute!

The best male Premium Class natural care products from Vinoble, Austria will give your skin a sensation of freshness for the whole day. The irritated from the daily shaving skin will be provided with sufficient moisture, valuable active substances and extracts.

  • Professional facial treatment Vinoble Classik
  • Spa Pedicure Vinoble
  • Glass of wine brand as a gift!
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

Learn to love yourself!

Duration 1 our 15 minutes / Price 2103 MDL



The bath with valuable extracts of red vine leaves and seeds, oak bark, aloe vera, and comfrey will energize your body through the power of nature and relieve tension. And the back massage will remove energy blocks, back pain and improve blood circulation.

  • Wine bath Barrique
  • Energetic massage with grape seed bags
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

It’s time to rest!

Duration 50 minutes / Price 839 MDL


Relax package

Forget about all the things in the world feel the weightlessness and experience the ease of the body on the warm water bed Thermal Spa. Your body will be optimally prepared to receive a relaxing back, neck area and arms’ massage aimed at to restoring strength and well-being.

  • Classic Thermo Spa
  • Relaxing back massage
  • French Shower Gel as a gift!

 There is only room for positive emotions!

Duration 50 minutes / Price 884 MDL


Men's strength

The antler baths are known for their healing powers and amazing properties to positively influence upon the cardiovascular, genitourinary system, and as well as the musculoskeletal system. In the bath is added a special extract obtained from the antlers of a red noble deer – maral, inhabiting the forested hills of Altai.

Effects on the body: enhances mental and physical performance, increases vitality and slows the aging process.

  • The recommended course of antler baths - 6-8 treatments at a special price!

Traditional Altai medicine for your health!

Duration 30 minutes / Price 748 MDL

Prepaying a course of 6 treatments - price of 1 tratment 460 MDL.


Exclusive cosmetic products for Men's Skin Care:

Skin cleansing:

  • Cleansing Gel for men's skin Vinoble, Austria,  50 ml – 279 MDL

Face cream for men's skin:

  • After Shave Balm Biodroga Systems, Baden - Baden, 50 ml - 816 MDL
  • Men's facial fluid Biodroga Systems, Baden - Baden, 50 ml - 868 MDL
  • Grape face cream Vinoble, Austria,  50 ml – 1037 MDL
  • Face cream Delux Vinoble, Austria,  50 ml – 2947 MDL
  • Face Serum Vinoble, Austria,  30 ml – 1513 MDL

Men's Skin Care - hands and feet:

  • Hand cream Vinoble, Austria,  50 ml - 484 MDL
  • Gentle Foot Cream Riesling Vinoble, Austria,  100 ml - 460 MDL
  • Nourishing Foot Cream Morilon Vinoble, Austria,  100 ml - 460 MDL

Men's Hair Care:

  • Anti Dandruff Spray Kerastase, France, 125 ml - 700 MDL
  • Shampoo  Combat  Keune, Holland – against dandruff, for oily as well as for dry skin, 250 ml - 230 MDL
  • Shampoo Fortify Keune, Holland – for soft and thin hair, against loss, 250 ml - 230 MDL
  • Shampoo Hydrate Keune, Holland – water balance, strengthening, shine, 250 ml - 230 MDL


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