On the eve of Medazur Med Spa Birthday

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On the eve of Medazur Med Spa Birthday

On the eve of its Birthday Medazur Med Spa presents its dear guests exclusive beauty treatments at a special holiday price!

1. "Gallery of Dreams"

Special November prices for all home care cosmetic products: 1 product -15%, 2 products -20%, 3 product -25%

2. The month of Vinoble Cosmetics in Medazur Med Spa

natural cosmetics based on grapes from the Austrian Styria

• “The ideal biocare for Hair"

An exclusive cocktail of oils and herbs from Vinoble organic cosmetics perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair in bad weather! Will give shine and health to your hair. Proper care - the health of your hair!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Price 1450 lei, 2nd treatment -15%

“The autumn beauty on your skin"

The warming and relaxing massage, based on herbs and 3 types of oils will take care of your health and immunity, and make your skin velvety and tender.

- Aroma Oil Massage

- Herbal tea as a gift!

The bliss of your skin!

Duration 50 min. Festive price in November 469 lei

Duration 1 h 20 min. Special price only in November 677 lei

• "Oil care from hair to the tips of the fingers"

Fragrant warm oil on your skin and hair will give you a feeling of lightness and elevation. The hands of our masters will remove tiredness and stress, the cozy atmosphere will create an unforgettable mood:

- Hair oil wrap

- Aroma Oil Massage

- Hair Styling

Gourmet dessert for your hair and body!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Special price in November 1764 lei

3. One month of Biodroga Systems in Medazur Med Spa

German cosmetics of premium class from Baden Baden

* Face cleaning (exclusive in Medazur Med Spa)

Composed of 8 stages. Your renewed skin will shine with purity. Try it and see for yourselves!

Duration 1 hour 20 min

Festive cost 599 MDL

* New !!! Facial massage with special crystals made of mountain crystal.

Bioenergetic and therapeutic massage, smoothes wrinkles and smooths the skin.

Duration 30 min

Festive cost 559 MDL

* Premium Class Care:

• Detoxication and deep skin cleansing

based on seaweed and mud, care consists of 5 stages.

• Nourishing Care

based on the black caviar, the care consists of 5 stages.

• Lifting Care

based on biopeptids and hyaluronic acid, the care consists of 5 stages.

• Care for a sensitive skin

based on bioactive complex and panthenol, the care consists of 5 stages.

• Anti-Aging Care

based on Argan stem cell extract, the care consists of 5 stages.

• Moisturizing treatment

based on oil from Maracuya seed, care consists of 5 stages

Duration 1 hour

Festive cost 558 MDL

* Exclusive VIP treatments:

These treatments include special bioenergetic massage with mountain crystals

Care "renewal of the skin"

Update and maintain the function of skin stem cells and their natural formation. Anti-Stress effect. Contains extract from stem cells of Alpine roses and exfoliating peeling provides deep cleansing!

Care "Golden Caviar"

Rejuvenating effect. It consists of natural extracts from caviar and Shea Butter. Peeling with ANA acids, triggers regenerative processes, which slows down the aging process.

Royal Care "Royal Treatment"

Comprehensive facial, hands and feet treatment. It supports proper skin cell growth and division, promotes faster regeneration of the skin.

Duration 1 hour 20 min

Festive cost 981 MDL

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