Florin Ioan Balanica, MD, MBA, CDN

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Florin Ioan Balanica, MD, MBA, CDN

Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica, MBA

- General Practitioner with an experience of over 20 years, Specialist in Personalized Medicine, Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Associate of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Official Representative in Romania of the European Lifestyle Medical Organization (ELMO), Lifestyle Coach, Founder of the Health and Longevity School, Speaker and Trainer, Founder of #MetodaDrBalanica for prevention and treatment.

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Personalized medical solutions:

  1. Personalized services
  2. Nutrition consultations
  3. Weight management, 3 or 6-month package
  4. Integrated medical case management, holistic approach
  5. Management of joints
  6. Stress management
  7. Skin management
  8. Functional movement

Whom we address to:

  1. People with diabetes,
  2. obesity,
  3. hypertension,
  4. cardiovascular diseases,
  5. metabolic syndrome X,
  6. gastroduodenal reflux,
  7. spine problems,
  8. underweight,
  9. people with different food habits (omnivores, vegetarians, etc.),
  10. children above 3 years of age and adults,
  11. people with cancer,
  12. food intolerances

Make an appointment with Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica and Medazur team by calling 0 22 89 89 89

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