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Gift certificate

1. Loving hearts

Diversify your leisure! Immerse together in Spa joy and get new useful Spa feelings.

For her:

 Divine Bath

 Peeling, body mask with rose petals

 Express Hair Styling

Duration 90 min                                                                                             

Cost  55 C.U.

For him:

 Relaxing vacation and deep muscle relaxation on the water bed Thermo-Spa

 Thai energy back massage Yin-Yang

Duration 90 min

Cost  60 C.U.  

Romantic tea ceremony for two in the tea room of our Spa!

2. Chocolate euphoria

Delicious invigorating smell of chocolate ...
Endorphins of happiness on your skin ...
Your skin is like silk, and you are ready to soar on velvet clouds!

 Coffee body peeling

 Chocolate Body Mask

 Body massage on chestnut

Fragrant hot chocolate

Duration 1 hour 45 min

Cost  75 C.U.

3. The secret of Cleopatra’s beauty

Cleopatra’s beauty for many centuries intrigues women, because she was able to win the hearts of the most inaccessible and menacing men of her time.
We have prepared for you three secrets of Cleopatra's beauty.
... Over time, all secrets are uncovered!

 Bath of youth

 Tender, body massage with coconut oil


Milk Tea

Duration 60 min

Cost  45 C.U.

4. Organic Beauty

Especially for metropolis residents. Organics is healthy and effective!

 Thai bath from natural herbs

 Aroma Bio Massage (fragrance for choose - 7 options)

White Tea with Peach

Duration 1 hour 15 min

Cost  60 C.U.

5. All roses to your feet ...

Delicate aroma of fresh roses will accompany you the whole procedure and create good mood.
The active ingredients of peeling and massage oil rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

Champagne and roses - it is always a holiday!

 Body Scrub with fresh roses petals

 Aroma massage with rose oil


Champagne with flowers of roses

Duration 1 hour 15 min

Cost  60 C.U.

6. My Princess

You Deserve All The Best!

 Hair wrap with almond oil

 Head massage with almond oil

 Nails polish at choice

 Express Hair Styling

 Coffee latte for lovers

Duration 1 hour

Cost  45 C.U.

7. To my beloved

To my beloved ... nice little things on the eve of holiday!

 Facial massage with professional cosmetics

 Thai foot massage

 Express Hair Styling

Duration 1 hour

Cost  50 C.U.

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