Hair BIO lamination – protection before Vacation!

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Hair BIO lamination – protection before Vacation!

Hair BIO lamination – protection before Vacation!

Restore your hair after winter and protect it against the damaging effects of sunlight

With this BIO lamination treatment based

on high efficiency medicinal herbs

  • Express diagnostics of the hair and scalp
  • Hair wash with professional cosmetics
  • Scalp peeling based on vegetable medicinal raw materials
  • Head massage with herbal infusion
  • Hair BIO lamination with vegetable gel
  • Hair vitaminization
  • Hair Styling
  • „Healthy hair“ cocktail

1 BIO lamination procedure can protect your hair against sunlight for up to 2 weeks!

You can extend its effect up to a month by purchasing and using the recommended products at home!

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Price 1450 MDL

Second procedure -15%            

* It is recommended immediately after returning from sea holidays

Get this procedure and Medazur Med Spa will offer you the set of professional cosmetic products for hair protection and daily care “Traveler” at a special price.

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