It is more than massage ...

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It is more than massage ...

It is more than massage ...

Traditional Thai massage - is a healing massage, it is performed without oil, but in special Thai comfortable clothes. During the procedure there are used the techniques of deep pressing, stretching and point technique.

This massage is a great exercise for the body, is provided to improve the overall condition of the organism, eliminate muscular tension in the body associated with various types of physical and psycho-emotional stress, such as physical stress (injuries, including caused by sports, back pain); emotional stress (irritability, anxiety, insomnia), sedentary lifestyle.
Already after the first treatment blood circulation normalizes, skin tone improves along with the flexibility of the body, you feel an extraordinary burst of energy. This is a revival...

The specialist Phannarai Boontham was trained the technique of traditional Thai massage at the famous Wat Po temple, Thailand.
Register for a healing Thai traditional massage by phone: 022 898989, 078898989

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