Lavender Spa ritual - the novelty of this summer!

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Lavender Spa ritual - the novelty of this summer!

Lavender Spa ritual - the novelty of this summer!

Unique Spa treatment with lavender:

• helps to restore body energy

• relieves stress and fatigue

• improves sleeping

• has an anti-age effect

• restores healthy complexion and radiance to your skin

The ritual includes:

Lavender Peeling - opens pores and deeply cleanses the skin down to its deeper layers, regenerates the skin, makes it firm and elastic. Reduces skin inflammation. It soothes inflammatory elements in the skin. It is perfect for the most sensitive skin. The procedure is also recommended if you have cuperosis.

• Special massage techniques, from elements of classical massage and lymphatic drainage to massage with hot stones on an exclusive lavender oil. Lavender oil holds the moisture in the deeper layers of the dermis. Body massage with lavender oil has a relaxing effect, stimulates the elimination of toxins and fluids excess.

Relax, charge with energy and cheerfulness in the lavender Provence Medazur Med Spa

The duration of the Spa treatment is 2.00 hours                             

Price 1105 lei

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