Lifestyle medicine - Medicine of the future

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Lifestyle medicine - Medicine of the future

Lifestyle Medicine – Medicine of the Future

When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor and help people to be healthy. My father is a doctor and he always told me to follow my dream. What then seemed to be the fruit of a child’s imagination only, today is reality: I am a doctor and I treat people. I like people and I’m close to them. And all this because about 40 years ago I had a dream and I kept on dreaming until it has come true; because I had a plan and I followed it closely. And if I were to start all over again – no matter how difficult it might be – I would follow the same path.  


We are often accused of not having a plan, not being rigorous and losing ourselves somewhere along the line in any endeavour. Maybe sometimes it is true, because there’s no smoke without fire. In any field of activity, you need to have a plan, to know where to start from and where you want to arrive in a certain period of time.

I don’t like to express my opinion, but the experience of over 20 years of medical practice and sanitary management has shown to me that progress comes from education – the education we receive at home and in society. Without education we make a wrong choice, or choose by the principle that “let happen whatever would happen” and we fail in front of people classified as more serious, but not more developed intellectually. But what do they do, and we do not? They have a plan!

As an Official Representative in Romania of the European Medical Lifestyle Organization ('ELMO'), I have a plan for people’s health, a plan centred on the patient. The patient and nothing more! My plan is built on people’s lifestyle – which actually reflects the way each of us chooses to live – and implies prevention, treatment and/or stopping chronic diseases through essential changes in lifestyle, which is accountable for 70% of diseases from which people suffer and die today.

A proper health system should have 3 components and each of which should fulfil its function. The first component is Emergency Medicine, which can cover 10-15% of pathologies. Such medicine is needed in case of accidents, natural disasters etc.

The second component is Surgery, needed when an organ no longer fulfils its function, in case of malformations etc. Surgery should also cover about 10-15% of all pathologies.

The third and most important component, however, is Lifestyle Medicine, because according to statistics the way we live our lives is accountable for 70% of the diseases from which we suffer and die today. Through this third component we apply an aspect of existence, which has been almost completely ignored by people nowadays: PREVENTION. This is despite the fact that we all agree that it is easier and less expensive to prevent than to treat!

Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of traditional medicine (based on clinical trials), where due to essential lifestyle changes, chronic diseases are prevented, treated and stopped, acting upon the causes underpinning these diseases.

Lifestyle Medicine comprises:

  • weight management;
  • postural management;
  • functional movement;
  • stress management.

Education and health go hand in hand, while Lifestyle Medicine must be part of all clinical specializations and not only. Integration in medicine makes the difference in favour of the patient.

Very often we hear that there are too few doctors and that they move to other countries. It’s true. But have you ever considered the issue from a different perspective? Maybe we are too many patients, and what is needed is a paradigm shift. And maybe we need to start addressing our health, and not only our disease; each of us should have a small life plan in the grand universal plan, which must necessarily include health and education.

I will fight for my plan. I will fight for my patients and will fulfil the plan. The more we are, the more we will understand and the sooner we will succeed. I believe in this plan because it works and gives results. I’m doing this for people and doing this for my children. I want them to be able to believe and understand life, through education and health!

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