Meet the summer in good shape!

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Meet the summer in good shape!

Meet the summer in good shape!


Body composition diagnostics


Measurement of the body composition, establishment of the ratio of muscle mass, bone content, visceral and subcutaneous fat, water and calcium content in the body, evaluation of the body mass index and biological age.


30 min.

190 lei


For our guests, all spring, Medazur Med Spa offers free consultations by a certified dietitian following which our guests will obtain their body composition diagnosis and find the best, fast and safe way to get in the best shape ever!

The perfect balance between beauty and health!


Perfect Shapes


Every woman's beauty is individual and every woman is beautiful in her own way. Nevertheless, there are women who, in order to emphasize their beauty, need to slightly correct their silhouettes and locally reshape their bodies. This express procedure was designed exactly for this purpose!

  • Anti-cellulite massage targeting “problem” areas
  • Your Gift! Green Apple and Celery Juice

40 min.

663 lei


! The doctor recommends a course of 10 procedures every other day for a guaranteed desired result.


40 min.

663 lei

597 lei


Keep Yourself Always In Beautiful Shape!



The energy of the grapevine

The organic skin cleansing based on crystal salt, grape seeds and miraculous VINIFERINEa pure and natural active ingredient from grapevine sap, accelerates the breakdown of fats in the cells. The exclusive peeling technique, focused on special directions and points, in combination with some valuable ingredients, represents the perfect solution for maintaining the beauty and the tone of your body.

  • NEW! Anti-Cellulite body peeling with VINIFERINE

45 min.

663 lei


! The doctor recommends eating nothing 2 hours before the procedure.

Silky smooth skin and breath-taking body shape!


Vinoble Tonus

Are you exhausted ... You need to shake things up... The reflection of your body in the mirror is not pleasing to the eye? This set of procedures has a powerful anti-aging effect, saturates your skin with all the necessary substances and confers it a smooth and elastic appearance.

  • NEW! Anti-cellulite body peeling with VINIFERINE
  • Anti-cellulite massage targeting “problem” areas

55 min.

1326 lei

1193 lei




A woman should fall in love with herself and be always beautiful!






Slimming Body Wrap from Vinoble, Austria

The Vinoble body wrapping based on invaluable herbal extracts helps eliminating the signs of cellulite, reducing the depot fat and preventing its recurrence. In addition, the miraculous Viniferine, from the grapevine sap, activates the breakdown of fat.

  • Body Wrap Vinoble Contour Basis
  • Your Gift! De tox Smoothie “Judith”

50 min.

1105 lei


This procedure with immediate effect can help you lose 2-4 cm!

! The doctor recommends a course of 3-5 procedures for the maintenance of the obtained result:

Spring subscription for a course Vinoble Contour Basis:


3 procedures

- 10%

5 procedures

- 15%

  • The body wrap Vinoble Contour DE LUXE on the Thermo Spa water bed with triple effect: warming up, lymphatic drainage, enhanced action of the valuable ingredients
  • Your Gift! Detox Smoothie “Judith”

1 hour

1510 lei


! The doctor recommends a course of 3-5 procedures for the maintenance of the obtained result:

Spring subscription for a course Vinoble Contour DE LUXE:


3 procedures

- 10%

5 procedures

- 15%


! The doctor recommends using the body cream Vinoble Body Deluxe at home for optimal results.


Turn Your Slow Metabolism into a Fast Fat Burning Machine!

Vinoble Contour

The complex of carefully selected extracts and techniques removes the toxins and the excess fluid from the body, decreases the severity of cellulite and reduces fat deposits. You will get a wonderful slimming effect right after the first or second procedure. And finally, pamper yourself with a special skin detoxification treatment.

  • Vinoble Contour Basis- Slimming Body Wrap
  • Your Gift! Lymphatic facial massage

50 min.

1105 lei

You are beautiful from head to toe!

Vinoble Silhouette - Whole Body Slimming Procedure

Do you suffer from a slow metabolism...? Then, the slimming body wrap with Viniferine, Resveratrol and shea butter is exactly what you need! The Viniferine will make your metabolism burn fat! After the lymphatic drainage and the special gloves’ massage, the intensive Viniferine serum, the unprecedented fat burner, is applied! And finally, an intensive and metabolism-strengthening massage on a special mask is performed.

  • Body wrap with Viniferine and Shea butter - Vinoble Silhouette
  • Your Gift! Spa cocktail "Faber de-tox"

80 min.

1105 lei

! For better results, the doctor recommends undergoing an intensive course of 3-5 procedures, 1 time per week. The doctor recommends also avoiding showers, sunbaths and saunas within 1 to 2 hours after the procedure.

Spring subscription for a course Vinoble Silhouette:

3 procedures

- 10%

5 procedures

- 15%

Infinite perfection!

Grape detox

The warming up and relaxing grape bath, with valuable extracts of red vine leaves, grape seeds, oak bark, aloe vera and comfrey, eliminates toxins, nourishes the body with antioxidants and provides good effect on the vascular wall. The grape body peeling cleanses the skin perfectly, removes dryness and renews the skin. The hot grape oil detox massage will relax and revitalize every cell of your body.

  • Grape bathtub BARRIQUE from Vinoble
  • Detox body peeling with grape seed oil and sea salt
  • Hot grape oil detox massage
  • Spa cocktail "Faber de-tox"

1 hour 45 min.

1763 lei

1598 lei

Dip into the world of nature!

Vinoble Noble

The specially developed technique combined with organic extracts and the miraculous Viniferine gives overwhelming results after the first procedure!

  • NEW! -cellulite body peeling with VINIFERINE
  • Slimming Body Wrap - Vinoble Contour Basis
  • Detox Smoothie “Judith”

75 min.

1853 lei

1668 lei

The result anticipates the desire!


Offers are valid until May 31, 2015

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