New! The 21-st Century Silhouette Sculptor.

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New! The 21-st Century Silhouette Sculptor.

Unparalleled efficiency in modelling the figure and treating cellulite!

Today, there is a plenitude of mechanical massage techniques, but ATTENTION: LPG massage is an exclusive, patented technology of multidimensional mechanical stimulation of tissues, which is performed only on LPG System equipment (invented by Louis Paul Gytheio) and has no analogues.
The LPG System Company presents the 7-th generation of its world-famous device to perform procedures for body and face. For the first time in Moldova, exclusively in Medazur Med Spa – LPG Integral.
The uniqueness of the 7-th generation’s device is the new handpiece Ergodrive, which:

  • delicately makes a deeper skinfold capture;
  • increases the amount of tissue to be treated;
  • increases the lipolytic action by 50%.

As a result, the procedure effectiveness is increased massively in less time. In the course of one procedure, the full range of body aesthetics problems will be solved:

  • cellulite treatment;
  • volume reduction; 
  • body modelling;
  • skin lifting and strengthening;
  • elimination of swelling and congestion;
  • reduction of localized fat deposits;
  • strengthening of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage
  • stimulation of lipolysis (fat breakdown);
  • new collagen synthesis.

The 7-th generation’s LPG device works on the basis of the latest patented LPG technologies: LPG Endermology and LPG Endermolift, and has many programs that ensure individual approach to improve your silhouette and make your face younger.


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