New! The life-giving moisture for your hair.

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New! The life-giving moisture for your hair.

New! The life-giving moisture for your hair.

In the summer hot season, enjoy the relaxation, let the life-giving moisture and dazzling brilliance to your hair!

• Enzyme Peeling - optimally and effectively cleans and protects the scalp for 2 - 3 weeks. Ideal in case of:

- A slight loss of hair

- Insolation

- Increased greasy hair

- Dandruff

Duration 30 minutes

Price 17.90 u.c.

• Hair Mojito Bath - based on natural ingredients menthol and peppermint has a cooling effect and relieve stress and fatigue. And also stimulates the production of keratin for  hair strengthen

Duration 45/60 minutes

Price 13,90 / 17,90 u.c.

Deep hair conditioning

The unique technology of deep conditioning Silsoft which seals the hair allows to keep and retain moisture in the hair, while protecting them from external negative influence of the sun and wind.

Duration 60/75 minutes

The cost of 22.90 / 28.90 u.e.

• new generation Pro Fiber Care - Instant guaranteed result.

New regenerating complex Aptyl 100 gives tremendous results in 3 directions:

- Rectify / Correction - a small degree of damage to the hair when touched only the cuticle.

- Restore / Restore - the average degree of hair damage when hit kutilula and cortex.

- Reconstruct / Reconstruction - for heavily damaged hair, exposed to constant heat and chemical attacks.

Duration 90 minutes

Price 69.90 u.c.

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