New Year’s collection of gifts from Medazur Med Spa

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New Year’s collection of gifts from Medazur Med Spa

New Year’s collection of gifts from Medazur Med Spa

Beauty express

This express package is an absolute must-have for those people who are literally going through a wearisome pre-New Year period. Your hands and hair will get a festive and well groomed appearance in just one hour. And our little present will help maintain your hair in a very excellent condition.

Hairdo performed by a professional stylist

Business manicure

New Year's gift – Hair Shampoo / Conditioner

We save your precious time!

1 hour / 699 MDL


Christmas collage

With this package, in just two hours, you will get a well-groomed and velvety skin, a stylish hairstyle and a professional manicure that will improve your self confidence and will envelop you into a festive atmosphere.

Facial care based on professional German cosmetics simultaneously with

Paraffin therapy with softening and moisturizing action on your hands

Elegant hair styling simultaneously with

Classic manicure

New Year's surprise

And the Christmas fairy tale will become a reality …

1 hour 50 minutes / 1,483 MDL


Spa Express

The professional manual facial massage has a double effect if executed simultaneously with a healing foot massage. This package will improve your state of health and will provide you with a soft, smooth and younger looking skin. 

Manual facial massage simultaneously with

Oriental therapeutic foot massage

Christmas-flavored tea

Unleash the power of this composition!  

30 minutes / 699 MDL


Tropical paradise

During the winter cold period, dive into the world of tropics and feel its deep delight …

Body peeling with mandarin and cinnamon

Honey and milk body mask with delicate skin smoothing effect

The body mask is accompanied by a facial massage based on coconut oil

Soft body aromatherapy massage for total relaxation

A French Shower Gel offered as a gift

Spicy tea with coconut biscuits as a gift

For those who are in love!

1 hour 30 minutes / 1,387 MDL


Detox contour

The treatment for the removal of toxins and excess fluid performed on the thermo-spa water bed will be enhanced by the vigorously mix massage action.

Body warming up and detoxification on the Thermo-Spa water bed.

Body mix massage 

Survive the holidays without consequences!

1 hour 30 minutes / 1,015 MDL


Grape Spa

Body peeling with grape seeds deeply cleanses and strengthens your skin. The grape-seed oil massage saturates your body with effective eco-extracts and makes your skin smoother and softer. A glass of mulled wine will warm your body and soul.

Exclusive body peeling from Vinoble

Overwhelming body massage based on grape seed oil from Vinoble

A glass of warming mulled wine

..In vino veritas…

1 hour 30 minutes / 1,105 MDL


Spa for the hair

During the cold season, your hair needs maximum protection and nutrition. The spa ritual from the Keune brand will perfectly cope with this task.

Professional Hair Care: protection and nutrition

"Healthy Hair" spa cocktail as a gift

Safe winter for your hair!

1 hour / 595 MDL 


The gift certificates can be purchased until January 15, 2015

The gift certificate can be used until February 14, 2015.

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