Offerings to March 8

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Offerings to March 8

Offerings to March 8 

1. French charm:

  • MobiLift (LPG Systems) is a hardware-based facelift massage with modelling mask, stimulating skin matrix, which is responsible for the SKIN BEAUTY and YOUTH.
  • Ivaterm thermal water for free 

Duration 1 hour
Price  45 U.C.

2.    Beauty express:

  • Rejuvenating facial massage based on VINOBLE lux vegan cosmetics
  • Toning Thai foot massage

Duration 30 min
Price  35 U.C.

3.    Soft hands:

  • Impeccable manicure
  • Hand massage up to elbows performed by Thai Spa therapist

Duration 1 hour
Price  20 U.C.

4.    Aesthetic perfection of your feet:

  • Hardware-based non-invasive safe pedicure 
  • Foot massage up to the knee on grape seeds oil from VINOBLE

Beauty and freshness of the feet with minimum time consumption!
Duration 1 hour 30 min
Price  27 U.C.

5.   Phyto-cosmetology for the hair 

  • Wrapping hair with herbs infused in almond oil
  • Hair styling

The mixture of herbs, oils and no chemicals – a true delight for the scalp and hair!
Duration 1 hour 30 min
Price  45 U.C.

6.    The energy of body and soul together with VINOBLE:

Spring freshness: 

  • Thermo-spa with mask
  • Back massage
  • Antioxidant tea with grape or a glass of red wine

Duration 70 min
Price  55 U.C.   

Detox package:

  • Classic thermo-spa 
  • VINOBLE body peeling with salt and grape seeds
  • VINOBLE detox body massage based on Melissa oil

Duration 2 hour
Price  79 U.C.   

Restore the balance: 

  • VINOBLE body peeling with grape seeds
  • VINOBLE body and head massage balance
  • VINOBLE Hair styling

Duration 2 hour 30 min
Price  77 U.C.     

All spa procedures are carried out on VINOBLE elite vegan cosmetics

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