Ozone therapy (systemic intravenous)

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Ozone therapy (systemic intravenous)

STOP allergy

The spring mood is created not only by the first wild flowers and the warmth of the sun, but, unfortunately, often by the exacerbation of chronic ailments and allergies.

Immunity, as if after the "winter hibernation", reacts violently on floral allergens and "dormant" infection of the body. Therefore, during this period it is important to perform immunization of allergic reactions and acute infections. After the season of colds, the body accumulates ballast substances from antibiotics and other medications, that contribute to spring exacerbation of chronic diseases and allergies.

Systemic intravenous ozone therapy is one of the few methods, that efficiently solve the problem of immune reactions normalization, detoxification, the prevention of chronic infections spring exacerbations.

The exclusive technique from Medazur Med Spa clinic includes a combination of ozone therapy with antioxidant complex, vitamins and minerals in combination with German natural medicines, that stimulate detoxification and cellular energy transfer.

The systemic intravenous ozone therapy in combination with German naturopathy and the anti-oxidant complex is the most effective for any allergic conditions, detoxification and normalization of the body's immune responses.

Spring offer

 - 15% for Extended AutoHemoOzone Therapy.

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