Rejuvenation with stem cells of grape

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Rejuvenation with stem cells of grape

Rejuvenation with  stem cells of grape

Vinoble Mini Facelift

Immediate effect! The mini facelift rejuvenates the skin due to the mild lifting with tartaric acid content. What is the secret? The Pinot Noirs grape seed energy: grape stem cells and valuable extracts of red wine, which significantly refresh and tighten the skin.

50 min 74.9 C.U. 56.18 C.U.

* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment 


Acid Grape Peeling

Peeling with fruit acids designated for all skin types. Your skin will look youthful and radiant in just five minutes. It removes dead skin particles, increases the production of collagen and enhances the skin acid protective shell.

6x7 ml 2065 lei 1549 lei


Red Wine Ampoule Set

Rejuvenating intensive care based on grape stem cells. Protects the sun damaged skin and restores, tightens, smoothes and nourishes the skin.

6x7 ml 4890 lei 3668 lei



The grape stem cells and the grape valuable active substances restore, moisturize and protect the skin. The skin becomes smooth, fresher and much younger.

50 ml 2065 lei 1549 lei

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