Restoration of the skin after summer!

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Restoration of the skin after summer!

Restoration of the skin after summer!

The wonderful summer holidays are over…and now we have to face the unpleasant consequences thereof, i.e. pigmentation spots, rosacea and dry skin.

We propose an innovative, specially formulated bio-mask, with chlorophyll, which in combination with a unique bio-stimulation laser treatment will restore your skin step by step: the effect will be visible even after the first procedure.

Recommended course: 6-10 procedures

Only in September - 9% for any zone

Face -  30 minutes, price 559 MDL  –9%

Face, neck - 40 minutes, price  820 MDL  –9%

Face, neck, décolleté - 40 minutes, price  899 MDL  –9%

Natural antioxidants - effective protection against photoaging of the skin!

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