set of cosmetic products “Traveler”

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set of cosmetic products “Traveler”

Get this procedure and Medazur Med Spa will offer you the set of professional cosmetic products “Traveler” at a special price!

1 A professional summer skin care cosmetics set:

Travel Set – 2422lei

Moisturizing Cream – 1844lei

Regeneration Cream – 1920lei

Moisturizing Sun Protection SPF 30 Cream – 809lei

Moisturizing Effect Facial Mask – 969lei

2 Set of professional cosmetic products for hair protection and daily care:


Absolute Repair Shampoo 250ml – 350lei

Absolute Repair Serum 50ml – 423lei

Mythic Oil Shampoo 250ml – 375lei


Bain Oleo Relax Shampoo 250ml – 479lei

Bain Oleo Relax Masque 200ml – 852lei


Sun Sublime Shampoo 250ml – 230lei

After Sun Treatment 200ml – 385lei

Sun Sublime Conditioner 200ml – 230lei

Sun Sublime Oil 125ml – 275lei

Moisturizing Shampoo 50ml – 110lei

Moisturizing Conditioner 50ml – 115lei

Calming Shampoo 50ml – 110lei

Calming Conditioner 50ml – 115lei

Color Care Shampoo 50ml – 110lei

Color Care Conditioner 50ml – 115lei

Cooling Shampoo 50ml – 110lei

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