The shortest path towards a shapely silhouette

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The shortest path towards a shapely silhouette

 10 procedures of hardware body massage LPG/Starvac to choose from

 A walk on the Thermo-Spa water bed for free!

A walk on the Thermo-Spa water bed – a great addition to the LPG and Starvac silhouette modeling procedures, it optimally prepares the body for the procedure, improving the overall result. Thermo-Spa – a procedure giving unique effects and sensations!

In Moldova, this procedure is available only in Medazur Med Spa!

 procedures of LPG / Starvac hardware body massage to choose from

 1 additional LPG / Starvac procedure for free

 Get a body cream with hyaluronic acid, which will make your skin soft and supple
 for free

  6 procedures of acoustic wave therapy EWATage (from 3 zones)

 Hardware-based body massage Starvac for free

After each hardware-based body massage

 - 20% for VINOBLE SILHOUETTE and VINOBLE CONTOUR – effective silhouette modeling procedures

The unique products based on a pure and natural active ingredient derived from grapevine known as viniferine, used in the procedure, accelerate the breakdown of fat in cells and fight against cellulite.

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