Spa pleasures from Medazur Med Spa

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Spa pleasures from Medazur Med Spa

Winter offers from the Salon Department 

1. «Winter Bio Hair Care»

 Herbal Hair Wrap, infused with forest strawberries oil from Vinoble Cosmetics, Austria.

 Winter tea, warmed by the smell of cinnamon and clove.

Fill your hair with the strength of Siberian medicinal herbs infused with organic forest strawberries oil from Vinoble Cosmetics, Austria.
Your hair will fill with moisture and minerals, will gain a healthy glow and elasticity.

Duration: 1 hour 

Cost 35 U.C.

   «Winter Bio Hair Care + Oriental notes»

 Herbal Hair Wrap, infused with forest strawberries oil from Vinoble Cosmetics, Austria

 Comfortable neck and shoulder massage

 Winter tea, warmed by the smell of cinnamon and clove

The trichologist doctor recommends during oil hair wraps exposure – a Comfort neck and shoulder massage performed by Spa therapists from Thailand (to improve the blood supply to the head and increase the effect of the procedure).
Duration: 1 hour ​                              

Cost 48 U.C.

   «Winter Bio Hair Care DELUXE»

 Herbal Hair Wrap, infused with forest strawberries oil from Vinoble Cosmetics, Austria

 New Year Hover on the water bed Thermal Spa

​ Winter tea, warmed by the smell of cinnamon and clove.

If you want to combine business with pleasure, the doctor trichologist recommends to combine the exposure of the hair oil wrap with a water bed relaxation on Thermo Spa and coniferous aroma therapy.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes                

Cost 53 U.C.

2. «Magic Touch»

 Spa -manicure with hand massage up to elbows

 Thai foot massage

 Orange Fresh

Treat yourself with our special spa manicure, which is held lying down, with hands up to the elbows, while a Thai foot massage. Thai foot massage will take you to another reality. Fresh Orange - will fill the body with vital energy!
Duration: 1 hour ​                         

Cost 31 U.C.

3. Luxury foot care "Ice Wine"

 Deluxe pedicure

 Thai foot massage up to the knee on grape seeds oil from Vinoble

Magazine Service and New year clips, optional

​ ​Glass of Ice Wine

Luxury foot care combines the efficiency of apparatus pedicure with special massage technique for feet (on grape seed oil).
Luxury care improves microcirculation and strengthens the venous system. After the procedure, you feel lightness in your legs and a burst of energy throughout the body.
The glass of Ice Wine creates elegance and sacrament to atmosphere of the procedure!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes ​             

Cost 35 U.C.

Winter offers from the Beauty Department

4. «Exotic winter holidays»

 Facial massage with coconut oil

​ ​"Bounty" cocktail with coconut milk

Exotic facial massage with coconut oil will ensure skin comfort in winter.
Will also eliminate the sensation of burning, pricking, heat, tightness and desquamation.
The "Bounty" Cocktail with coconut milk will strengthen your sense of exotic.
Duration 30 minutes ​                        

Cost 26 U.C.

5. «Antistress»

 Facial massage with coconut oil

 Along with the Thai foot massage

​ "Bounty" Cocktail with coconut milk

Professional facial lifting massage with coconut oil, combined with a warm foot massage from Thai Spa therapist will remove the stress and tension, give a feeling of lightness and comfort for the whole day!

Duration 30 minutes ​                                        

Cost 40 U.C.

6. «Refined beauty!»

 Professional facials treatment Vinoble Vino Deluxe

​ Grape tea

Exclusively designed refinement facial treatment Vinoble Vino Deluxe will fill your skin with all the necessary, eliminate the signs of stress and fatigue. The antioxidant grape tea will benefit your body from the inside!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes ​          

Cost 71 U.C.

winter offers​
from Med Wellness Department 

Winter Spa treatments once a year!

This season it is represented by the experienced Spa therapist from Thailand - Phannarai Boontham.
Treat yourself with enjoyment, beauty and peace!

7. «Winter vacation in Thailand!»

 Thai Herbal Bath

 Thai herbal Peeling

 Asian body massage

 Shia-Tsu head massage

 Express hair styling

Balancing Bio tea

To make a trip to Thailand, you do not need a long flight.
Thailand Magic flavors will plunge you into the exotic world of our Spa. Combine benefit with pleasure, relax and prepare for the follow-up procedures in the fragrant herbal bath, based on Thai herbs, made using a special technology. Relaxing bath follows the organic Thai Peeling, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive! Now your body is ideally prepared for the special massage, capable to adjust your body in places where you need! Special Shiatsu head massage will make order in your thoughts and will bring you a sea of positivity!
Our stylist hairdresser will make you Hair Styling after all the procedures, at this time you will be offered Bio tea with the aroma of peach, which helps to restore balance in the body.

Enjoy your vacation!

Duration 2 hours 15 minutes          

Cost 89 U.C.

8. Massage of your choice by one of the leading spa-therapists from Thailand

Detox massage
Yin Yang Massage
Oriental massage
Thai reflexology foot massage
Shirodhara oil massage for head
Massage with herbal bags
Hot Stone Massage
Thai aroma massage
Anti-stress massage
Fusion massage
Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Massage influences an organism as an integrated system, evokes vitality and restores energy potential. Special technics of touches and influences. Sounds of the sea, aromatherapy and phytotherapy will make this procedure magic and will create a special spa reviving effect.

Duration: 20, 30, 50 or 80 minutes of relaxation Cost 21, 26, 40, 62 U.C.(respectively)
Duration: 80 minutes with add. oil back massage Cost 66 U.C.


9. «The aroma of happiness»

 Body peeling with cinnamon and mandarin

 ​Thai tea with milk.

Enjoy soft body peeling with aromas of cinnamon and mandarin. The effective combination of cinnamon and mandarin provides 5D peeling effect:

  1. Improvement of microcirculation
  2. Lymphatic drainage and toxins elimination
  3. Adsorption excess of sebum
  4. Pores cleansing
  5. Velvet, silk, and the fragrance of your skin!

A thai tea with hot milk extremely healthy and tasty!

Duration: 1 hour                           

Cost 31 U.C.

10 «Thai delight»

 Body peeling with cinnamon and mandarin

 Honey-milk body mask

​ Ginger tea

Body peeling enhances blood circulation, perfectly nourishes, tones and gives your skin a delicious fragrance. Honey and milk mask makes the skin smooth, soft, supple and hydrated. Enjoy ginger tea in the cozy atmosphere of our Med Spa.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes ​             

Cost 53 U.C.

11. «Wellness Package Deluxe»

 Body peeling with cinnamon and mandarin

 Aroma Body Massage

​ Aromatic organic tea with peach

Peeling prepares your skin for the massage procedure.
Aroma Spa massage soothes, relieves physical fatigue, restores well-being.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes ​              

Cost 66 U.C.

12. «A Winter Tale»

 Body peeling with Ginger

 Honey-milk body mask

 Facial massage with coconut oil (performed during the mask exposure on the body)

 Relaxing Aroma massage

 Winter tea, warmed by the smell of cinnamon and clove.

The peeling makes the skin silky and smooth. Honey and milk mask will soothe, relieve skin fatigue, and increase its firmness and elasticity. Coconut oil in combination with a unique technique of facial massage performed by Thai Spa therapist will make your skin velvety and improve the skin tone. Relaxing aromatherapy massage relieves the stress, muscle tension and gives you a new unforgettable experience. Try our winter tea in a winter day.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes ​             

Cost 98 U.C.

13. «After Holidays!»

 Hover on the water bed Thermal Spa

 Detox massage performed by Thai Spa therapist

This procedure is for those who value health, who do not only work, but also relax and charge with strength and lightness.
Give yourself a little time and relax on the Thermal Spa water bed. And after relaxation you will feel the detox massage charm, performed by Thai Spa therapist.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes           

Cost 58 U.C.

14. «Aromatic bliss!»

 Swedish massage

 Shia-Tsu head massage

Orange Fresh 

Treat yourself with relaxation, well-being and a true delight! Apply 100% essential oils that provides 100% effective treatment. Relieves stress and fatigue, will give a 100% charge of vivacity and positive! Try our "Aromatic bliss" in the winter day!
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes ​              

Cost 62 U.C.

15. «Quick recovery»

 Swedish massage


Ginger tea

Swedish massage  will help you to recover rapidly and rest, to gain strength and good humor, to relieves physical and mental tension! Hairstyling from our stylist and ginger tea after the procedure, will add you enthusiasm and good mood!

Duration: 2 hours                                                                

Cost 71 U.C.

16.  «Orange happiness!»

 Orange bath

 Peeling Baunthy

 Aroma body massage on bio-oil from grape seed and orange

 Relaxing head massage

 Hair Styling

The glass in the winter Fresh tasty orange

We will help you in jast 3 hours to look well-groomed and feel rested. Orange bath relaxes, saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals, will give your skin a delicate flavor. Peeling Baunthy will make your skin like silk velvet, shining like a diamond! The unique aroma massage on bio-oil from grape seed and orange - relieve physical fatigue, restore well-being and activates metabolism. Head massage will put in order and lightness your thoughts ... The fragrance of orange will accompany you for a long time. The final touch - hair styling and glass in winter tasty orange fresh, will cheer you and and set up for desired mood.
Try our "Orange happiness" on a winter day !!
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes        

Cost 116 U.C.

17. «Christmas for him!»

 New Year hover on the water bed Thermal Spa

 Oriental Massage

 Thai reflex foot massage

Christmas tea or winter tea, warmed by the smell of cinnamon and clove.

Dear gentlemen! Be able not only to work. Rest is also an art! We offer you hover on the water bed Thermal Spa, this procedure removes any tension. Oriental Massage (favorite male massage) will allow you to achieve complete relaxation and will restore your force. Reflexogen Thai foot massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminate the heaviness and leg fatigue. Winter tea will increase the pleasure of the procedure!

Duration: 2 hours ​                           

Cost 80 U.C.

18. Winter magic moments in spa café Medazur Med Spa

 Cheese cake Medazur Med Spa

 Caffè Latte with cinnamon and homemade cookies
 Viennese Cappuccino with air-foam
 American Coffee with almond milk

 Balancing Organic White Tea

 Forest rosehip tea - a storehouse of vitamin C!
 Warming Ginger tea - an excellent means for immune system!
 Thai red tea with hot milk
 Thai Ice tea with cold milk and ice
 Strawberry tea at Christmas tree
 Chinese Oolong tea with milk aroma
 Fruit tea with guelder rose
 Chamomile tea - an ambulance for colds and overeating
 Fitness Tea

 Cocktail with coconut milk - food in a glass!

Offers are valid until February 28, 2017

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