Special offers for Ladies

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Special offers for Ladies

Special offers for Ladies

1. Bio care for hair and hands

  • relaxing head massage
  • hair rinse with a special herbal infusion
  • herbal hands wrap 
  • Eco-Styling
  • nail polish application on your hands and feet

Duration 1 hour

Cost 25.9 C.U.

Your hair and hands are your business card!

2. Hands and feet care with rose petals

  • feet scrub with rose petals
  • paraffin applications for feet
  • spa manicure and hands peeling with rose petals
  • hand massage to the elbow with a cream based on rose oil

Duration 1 hour

Cost 28.9 C.U.

Rejuvenating Spa procedure

3. Mineralizing exfoliation

  • body peeling
  • scalp peeling
  • relaxing head massage
  • styling

Duration 1 hour 45 min

Cost 59.9 C.U.

Natural beauty!

4. Smoothness and shine!

  • structure recovery procedure and the perfect hair shine
  • lassic manicure

Duration 1 hour 30 min

Cost 45.9 C.U.

Haute couture!

5. Good look and impeccable taste!

  • hair styling
  • hand nails care

Duration 45 min

Cost 19.9 C.U.

Stylishness is always in fashion!

6. Aromatic bliss!

  • oil hair wrap 
  • warm-up on a termospa water bed
  • hair styling

Duration 1 hour 30 min

Cost 59.9 C.U.

The result - luxury of your hair!

7. Beloved... "I am a goddess!"

  • hair keratin saturation 
  • smart haircut
  • beautiful styling
  • spa manicure
  • spa pedicure

Duration 3 hours

Cost 99.9 C.U.

The magnificence of the image!

8. Beloved ... "I am perfect!"

  • hair diagnostic
  • hair spa care from Keune
  • classic manicure with nail polish application
  • eco pedicure based on grapes antioxidants

Duration 3 hours

Cost 69.9 C.U.

Perfect beauty!

* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment.

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