Summer program "Beauty Express"

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Summer program "Beauty Express"

Summer program "Beauty Express"

A summer time, so charming to the eye!

There are definitely a lot of stuff accumulated during winter and spring to do nevertheless the beauty and the skin care procedures shall be given special attention and due consideration!

Your willingness and a little time - our capabilities, experience and professionalism will make you beautiful and charming as always!

Just 3 visits

1st visit:

  • Facial cleansing
  • Spa hand care with manicure
  • Scalp peeling and hair care based on phyto-sanitary products

Duration:  2 hours and 50 minutes

Price: 1900 MDL

2nd visit:

  • Moisturizing face treatment (Biodroga)
  • Medical pedicure
  • Hair moistening and volume increase 

Duration:  2 hours and 35 minutes

Price: 1900 MDL

3rd visit:

  • Face lifting procedure (Lift 6+)
  • Express hand care including massage, nails’ shaping, cuticle cutting
  • Hair bio-lamination

Duration:  2 hours and 30 minutes

Price: 2100 MDL

A tandem of time and beauty!

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