Targeted Wellness Program for Women ”Wellness Weight Loss "

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Targeted Wellness Program for Women ”Wellness Weight Loss "

Targeted Wellness Program for Women ”Wellness Weight Loss "

The new European trend now at Medazur Med Spa!

Your ticket to a new life!

An analogue of the best European weight loss tours!

Effective, visible and secure results in the expected time!

Duration of the program:  7 days/ 14 days



Metabolic disorders.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sleep disturbance.

Decreased performance.

Aging of the skin.

Physical inactivity.

Increased irritability.

Burnout syndrome

Expected result:

Weight loss, health promotion, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, improved health and vitality, improved quality of life.


Oncologic diseases, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Acute infectious diseases. Somatic diseases in the acute or decompensated stage.

We will be glad to see you for a free consultation with the doctor-coordinator of Medazur Med Spa, who will provide more detailed information on the content of the program.

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