Turkish spa reality

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Turkish spa reality

Turkish spa reality

Dear Guests of Medazur Med Spa, now you have the opportunity to enjoy original Turkish Spa body treatments within the walls of our center every single week-end without leaving Chisinau.

The famous Turkish Spa Master, Masor school graduate - Osman Erdem

is at your disposal

This is a celebration of life!

This is not an everyday pleasure!

Send your loved ones in Medazur to experience a real Turkish Spa experience without worrying about packing their luggage!


For gentlemen - "Sultan Spa" Composition

Feel the sensations experienced by the rulers of the Western countries with the "Sultan Spa" Composition. The Turkish mixed massage will completely relieve tension from the back and spine muscles while the Turkish foot massage will give you some unforgettable moments of lightness. Pamper your body and mind with an amazing experience of full relaxation and vitalization!

  • Medical control
  • Phyto-bar
  •  Spa relaxation with wrapping
  • Turkish mixed massage
  • Turkish foot massage

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Price: 1699 MDL

Special price until June 15: 1530 MDL

For ladies - "Scheherazade" Composition

The "Scheherazade" composition, thanks to the Turkish dry peeling, will cleanse your body and skin and conger it a velvety and smooth appearance. The Turkish relaxation massage is designed to melt away any trace of stress and fatigue.

  • Medical control
  • Phyto-bar
  • Spa relaxation with wrapping
  • Kese Turkish dry body peeling
  • Turkish relaxation massage

Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Price: 1699 MDL

Special price until June 15: 1530 MDL

For gentlemen and ladies - Ethnic Turkish body massages

  • Turkish anti-stress massage
  • Turkish classic massage
  • Turkish mixed massage
  • Hot oil detoxification massage
  • Turkish toning massage

Duration: 50 minutes   

Price: 765 MDL                             

Duration: 80 minutes

Price: 1105 MDL                                         

  • Turkish head massage
  • Turkish foot massage

Duration: 30 minutes                       

Price: 374 MDL  

Turkish spa reality – the perfect preparation before an unforgettable trip to Turkey!

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