Valentine`s day!

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Valentine`s day!

Valentine`s day!

Happiness - is when you are understood ..

A big happiness – when you are loved ..

True happiness - when you are in love!

Medazur Med Spa presents an exclusive spa composition only with the occasion of Valentine's Day!

You can buy a gift certificate for a certain amount and our spa consultant will select individual spa composition, taking into account age, characteristics, preferences and wishes.

Comfort, festive atmosphere and excellent mood are guaranteed!

Example of spa compositions:


  1. Beautiful skin, 60 min
  2. Winter care, 30 min
  3. Age control, 30 min

      As a present: the diagnosis review of face skin

       The price from 24.9 C.U. to 34.9 C.U.


  1. Oil  wrap, 60 min
  2. Bio laminating 60 min
  3. Herbal wrap and revitalization, 70 min

      As a present: scalp and hair diagnostic review

       The price from 27.9 C.U. to 69.9 C.U.


  1. Body peeling: cinnamon and mandarin, Thai with rose petals, coffee, and many others, 45 min
  2. Detoxification and relax on the water bed Termospa classic, 50 min
  3. Walk through the clouds on a water bed Termospa with milk and honey body mask, 60 min

      As a present: diagnosis of body composition with interpretation of results by medic dietitian

       The price from 29.9 C.U. to 19.9 C.U.


  1. Classic Manicure, 45 minutes
  2. Spa Manicure, 60 minutes
  3. Therapeutic hands massage up to the elbows, nails design, cuticle oil treatment, 20 minutes

      As a gift: nail treatment with strengthening enamel

      The price from 10.9 C.U. to 18.9 C.U.


  1. Apparatus pedicure, 1 hour 15 minutes
  2. Spa Pedicure,  1 hour, 30 minutes
  3. Therapeutic feet massage to the knees, nails design and cuticle oil treatment, 20 minutes

      As a gift: nail treatment with strengthening enamel

       The price from C.U. 22.9 to 26.9 C.U.

* For loved and loving: gift certificate with value

  50 C.U.: - 5% bonus          75 C.U.: -7%          100 C.U.: -10% bonus

More then 200 C.U.: - 14% bonus

* Cost advantage is valid till February 14

* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment

The gift should be wanted!

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