Winter offers from the Beauty Department

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Winter offers from the Beauty Department

Winter offers from the Beauty Department

1. «Exotic winter holidays»

 Facial massage with coconut oil

​ ​"Bounty" cocktail with coconut milk

Exotic facial massage with coconut oil will ensure skin comfort in winter.
Will also eliminate the sensation of burning, pricking, heat, tightness and desquamation.
The "Bounty" Cocktail with coconut milk will strengthen your sense of exotic.
Duration 30 minutes ​                        

Cost 26 U.C.

2. «Antistress»

 Facial massage with coconut oil

 Along with the Thai foot massage

​ "Bounty" Cocktail with coconut milk

Professional facial lifting massage with coconut oil, combined with a warm foot massage from Thai Spa therapist will remove the stress and tension, give a feeling of lightness and comfort for the whole day!

Duration 30 minutes ​                                        

Cost 40 U.C.

3. «Refined beauty!»

 Professional facials treatment Vinoble Vino Deluxe

​ Grape tea

Exclusively designed refinement facial treatment Vinoble Vino Deluxe will fill your skin with all the necessary, eliminate the signs of stress and fatigue. The antioxidant grape tea will benefit your body from the inside!

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes ​          

Cost 71 U.C.

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