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Spa Compositions


Enjoy a part of Thailand in Medazur Med Spa with this traditional Thai body treatment. Relax deeply and feel the pure sense of well being. Surrounded by a marvelous aroma our Thai Herbal Wrap is anti inflammatory and has great benefits to your body. After a refreshing bath with special Thai herbs, you can enjoy a body exfoliation including a mix of algae and herbs. The highlight of this package is the massage with warm herbal stamps and healing herbs made in Thailand.

• Thai Herbal Bath,
• Thai Rice Exfoliation,
Thai Herbal Stamp Massage
• Thai Traditional Massage

2 hours 30 min 120 C.U.

Even pupils know the formula Е=МС2. But only our staff knows the secret of peace energy. Tibet technology of volcanic basalt stone massage in combination with antigravitaion state will open to you other dimensions. Try to feel cosmos energy!

Classic Thermo-Spa
Hot stone massage
• Tea

1 hour 50 min 78 C.U.


Pilates is our body youth. During these sessions you strengthen body muscles and abdominal oblique muscles. These muscles make your silhouette look slim and fit, your posture – right, your gait light, and your waist look thinner.

After Pilates, choose one of the two massages that fits you best: lipolytic hips massage or warming ginger back massage. It will help you relieve muscular stress after sports and increase training effect.

• Pilates: one-to-one
• Body massage of your choice: ginger back / lipolytic thigh massage

1 hour 30 min 50 C.U.



Come and discover the secrets of the luxury treatments for the royal family of Ancient Thailand. Start with a Thai bath with special exotic herbs and proceed with a peeling. Feel the relaxation of your muscles while benefiting from heated healing herbs contributing to your body detoxification. Experienced hands will indulge your senses with a traditional massage.

• Aromatic Thai herbal bath
• Thai herbal exfoliation
• Thai herbal bags massage
• Thai traditional massage

2 hour 30 min 120 C.U.

Begin a romantic day with your friend, your partner or just with yourself.
Get pampered and retreat for a while in a wonderful environment.
• Rose bath,
• Rose Exfoliation,
• Aroma massage

1 hour 40 min 80 C.U.


Spa Packages


This package will increase natural metabolism of your organism and improve blood circulation; it will accelerate the detoxification process and elimination of excessive fluid from your organism. Not only will you look fresher, but you will also feel healthier and happier.

• Aromatic salt shine
• Bath/ Thermo-Spa
• Detox body massage

2 hours 20 min 77 C.U.

Responsibility, stressful work, stress and tiredness – all these factors have a damaging effect on the organism. Thermo-Spa procedure will make you feel your body weightlessness and lightness. Your muscles will relax, stress will be relieved and your body will gradually get ready for a Yin Yang massage which will eliminate energetic blocks and back pains, and will improve blood circulation. A special face care will renew and refresh your skin. Whereas the royal Thai foot massage of “Wat Po” temple will fill your organism with the power of energy.

• Classical Thermo-Spa
• Yin Yang Massage
• Professional face care for men
• Royal Foot Massage

2 hours 10 min 120 C.U.




Spa package “SPA GLAMOUR”
Dear Gentlemen, do you want all your sins to be forgiven? Present our «Spa Glamour» gift certificate to your darling.

• Spa hair care
• Thai Rose Exfoliation
• Thermo-Spa with a body mask
• Professional face care
• Thai foot massage
• Hair set
• Classical manicure
• Spa make-up
• Spa-cafe as a gift

4 hours 190 C.U.

Spa package “GRAND SPA” for Gentlemen
Feeling of well-being and perfect appearance are necessary attributes of success and self-confidence under chronic stress conditions. This spa package is developed especially for Gentlemen and will allow making a full recovery and feel much younger during 3.5 hours. Make your step to success!

• Classical Thermo-Spa
• Salt Body Exfoliation
• Thai Four Hand Massage
• Facial treatment for men
• Classical Manicure
• Spa-cafe as a gift

3 hours 120 C.U.

Spa package “SPA VOYAGE” for Ladies
Exotic healing massage performed by Eastern master balances time and space, makes the world around you comfortable and friendly, and fills your heart with joy. Spa pedicure combined with a Thai foot massage will make your skin soft and elastic, remove tiredness and oedema, and balance the metabolism. “Magic Beauty” procedure is selected according to the state and type of your skin. The natural components will efficiently restore and refresh your skin.

• Oriental body massage
• Professional face care “Magic Beauty”
• Spa foot care

3 hours 110 C.U.

Treat yourself to a journey through the world of Spa with these well selected massages and experience an endless pampering to nourish your body and mind. Begin your journey to ancient Siam with the royal Thai massage to continue to the land of Bali, the isle of two oceans, for the harmonizing massage that absorbed the best methods of massaging in the world. In your travel to India, the origin of Buddhism, you will be awaited by the ayurvedic massage Shirodhara perfectly relieving your stress. Your journey ends with a special facial massage, perfect for your skin rejuvenation.

1st day (Thailand):
• Classical Thermo-Spa
• Thai Traditional Massage
• Thai milk tea

1 hour 50 minutes

2nd day (Bali):
• Classical Thermo-Spa
• Balinese massage
• Balinese ginger tea

1 hour 20 minutes

3rd day (India):
• Deep childhood sleep “Shirodhara”
• Manual Facial Massage
• Hair Set
• Indian Assam tea

1 hour 40 minutes

The entire journey (3 days) 180 C.U.


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