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Dear guests!


Regarding the State of Emergency in our country and to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus infection, our center has closed on March 16, 2020, on an undetermined period.

In the case of necessities:

  • The doctors of our center (dermatologist, neurologist, rheumatologist) can consult you via phone and provide recommendations.
  • Our Podolog specialist will offer you recommendations after studying photos of the issue concerning you.
  • The cosmetology, Spa, and wellness departments are closed. 
  • You can write questions, send photos and/or make a future appointment on our website, via the “Book now” button. Please make sure you leave your phone number and email address in order for us to be able to contact you.

«Make a booking now»

We will inform about the reopening of the center via our website and social media. 

With best wishes of positive attitude,

Vice-director Medazur Med Spa,

Olga Varvarici.

  • Меры предосторожности, от заражения вирусом COVID-19

    ❌По возможности одевайте одноразовые перчатки и маски

  • Меры предосторожности, от заражения вирусом COVID-19

    ❌Используйте антибактериальные салфетки в магазинах и аптеках.

  • Меры предосторожности, от заражения вирусом COVID-19

    ❌Открывайте двери в перчатках,закрытым кулаком или бедром (при их отсутствии).Особенно важно в публичных местах!




With lipids and goji berries.

Podopharm Body Cream

Hand & Foot Balm

Propolis and Shea Butter

Regenerating face cream

Grape energy

Beauty innovation

Spring lifting set

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