Message to Medazur Med Spa clients

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Message to Medazur Med Spa clients

Message to Medazur Med Spa clients

My dears,

Did you know that more than 70% of diseases from which people suffer and die is the result of their lifestyle? Yes. It is due to the way we know how to become organized and live our lives!

Because most of us are born healthy, we think that health is a given, a birth right, and we don’t have to do anything to maintain it. However, reality contradicts us, for it is far from true!

And since my role as a doctor is to be the partner of my patient, to be a conscientious and a well-trained consultant, I have structured a method, which bears my name.

#MetodaDrBalanica is a method by which, first of all, health can be maintained for a long term. Then, any disease can be treated/relieved.

Make an appointment with Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica and Medazur team by calling 0 22 89 89 89

The method is based on over 20 years’ medical expertise, on over 45.000 treated medical cases, on what each of you wants and what each of you needs to receive from a doctor. And I was patient too, when being obese and getting almost 200 kg, I tried to restore my health. That is why today I have decided to talk about medicine of the future, about #MetodaDrBalanica.

#MetodaDrBalanica is Lifestyle Medicine and is based on 4 pillars:

  1. Nutrition and nutrigenomics
  2. Postural management
  3. Functional movement
  4. Stress management

The starting point is to identify the cause for which a person got sick, or gained weight. And nobody gets sick or fat because of unhealthy eating, but rather for the reason for which he/she eats or leads an unhealthy lifestyle! All diseases have a physical and an emotional cause, and the person has 3 weapons to fight against disease: body, mind and soul. When you don’t use one or more of these weapons and for example, you resort only to the body or the soul, you lose the battle with disease.

Make an appointment with Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica and Medazur team by calling 0 22 89 89 89

#MetodaDrBalanica is a holistic medical method that considers health and not disease, the person and not the patient, and implies 3 stages

  1. Anamnesis
  2. Metabolic stabilization
  3. Maintenance 

Following these stages, any person regains his/her metabolic and emotional balance, because this approach considers the cause, and not the effect. The physical body balances its proportions of muscles, bones, water and fat, while stress management deals with the effect that emotions have upon us. It is our mind that makes the connection between our physical body and emotions.

#MetodaDrBalanica method is a personalized approach to patients, who are apparently healthy or obviously unbalanced physically and/or emotionally. So, it addresses not only those who want to keep themselves healthy, that is to take preventive measures, but also those who want to restore their health in a holistic manner, combining traditional (allopathic) medicine with the complementary medicine and physical approach with emotional approach. At the same time, it mainly uses nutrients effect on genetic organization, but also natural supplements and allopathic medicines.

Those who use MetodaDrBalanica regain their metabolic balance and no longer gain weight, and if they have been suffering from a disease such as: diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, gastroduodenal reflux, food intolerance, vascular diseases, hypertension and others, heal or improve their health condition.

Make an appointment with Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica and Medazur team by calling 0 22 89 89 89

At the same time, following the stages of #MetodaDrBalanica and understanding the underlying principles, the patient can enjoy the culinary freedom on holidays or vacation without gaining weight.

In this Method, the patient and the doctor form a team and are on the same side of the fence when the former faces a medical situation. Involvement of persons in the Method leads to understanding the cause of imbalance and results in reliable fulfilment of the objective.

My dears, no diet works for a long term, the only solution being the personalization of medical procedure, combination of medical knowledge with clinical experience. #MetodaDrBalanica is the medicine of the future, practiced today in Europe and now in Chisinau, in partnership with Medazur, and offers the lifestyle management solution to the modern person. It is a method validated by results which I place at your disposal today.

Make an appointment with Dr. Florin Ioan Balanica and Medazur team by calling 0 22 89 89 89

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