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Cosmetic products


“BIODROGA SYSTEMS” cosmetics (Baden-Baden, Germany) are created as a refined cosmetic brand and this name is a synonym of the system care keeping your beauty. The brand offers you the premium-class quality, maximum effectiveness, perfect compatibility and innovative concepts of procedures.

Brand philosophy: harmonization of body and soul. System attention to all feelings and senses marked the path to success of “BIODROGA SYSTEMS”. The principle of selection of ingredients: cosmetics embody all gifts of nature and give our skin all the best.

Distinctive features of BIODROGA SYSTEMS:
• Cosmetics which comprise only vegetable hypoallergic components, the exception is collagen for which the company has developed exclusive procedure.
• Practically each preparation contains moisturizing and nutritional components
• Products contain rare components: Echium oil, Iris Isoflavone, matrix stimulator, Canola oil, Evening Primrose oil, Haberlea Rhodopensis leaf extract
• Procedures are based on exclusive care concepts
• German safety and quality guaranties, all production of the company is certified according to the requirements of international pharmaceutical standards
• Presence of thermal water in formulations (overall influence of minerals and microelements on skin is expressed in stimulation of metabolic processes in it) and unique patent formula
• Application of latest scientific and technical achievements while developing and producing cosmetic preparations
• Compliance of the brand with the strictest requirements specified for professional cosmetics.

All BIODROGA SYSTEMS production is divided into lines which offer innovative solutions of problems of premature ageing of face and body skin and at the same time they are intentionally directed at removal of the most frequent skin problems. Each line represents a complex skin care program.

The production program of the company contains over 100 items; moreover, apart form the products for professional use, there is a wide range of products for home care.

SPA SENSATION BODY - spa-body care.


Cosmetic products

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