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Spa Gymnastics

Spa Gymnastics

Pilates. This system aims to prolong your youthfulness as well as to strengthen your joints, ligaments and spine. Thus, it will make you become more flexible, lighter and faster.

There are two types of pilates: dynamic and therapeutic. But in fact, in both cases pilates represents a reconstructive type of gymnastic that is ideally suited for people dreaming to have a correct posture or suffering from chronic neck and low back pain. The basis of these programs is exercises improving muscle flexibility and elasticity. In other words this is health improvement. That is why this kind of exercises is recommended especially to people who begin practicing some types of sports, undergo rehabilitation treatments after injuries or whish to recover their shape after long breaks, as well as to pregnant women, and those who are over 50.

Finally, pilates works not only with the structure of the body, but also with its shape. Muscles become long and elastic, get a dramatic relief. Pilates also contributes to strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles, this effect being preferred by girls, in fact, it makes the waist tightened. These muscles are very hard to work out in the gym and during the aerobic classes.

Even though pilates is not the most dynamic type of fitness, it differs strikingly from the monotonous workouts at the gym. It calms you down, it is meditative and it is perfect for relieving stress.

Pilates is a slow and gentle sport that gives quick and long-lasting results.

When performing pilates at Medazur Med Spa you are guaranteed a number of advantages:

  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Lack of extraneous people watching your workout. This means that people around you will see only the result of your training, not the process itself. You may put on your favorite track suit and not worry that someone is watching you.
  • Individualized program instead of the already existing templates.
  • The only one in Moldova, Cadillac training apparatus, will allow you to perform exercises at the highest level and achieve amazing results.
  • Professional Certified Coach.
  • Your personal trainer monitors your every move thus ensuring absolute safety in performing exercises, especially the rehabilitation ones.
  • You may choose the time and frequency of sessions you want.
  • You have the opportunity to combine pilates with other body procedures in our Medical Wellness Department.
1 individual session 1 hour 30 C.U.
10 individual sessions 1 hour 25 C.U.

* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei


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