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Holistic/exotic massages spa massages

…Your spine straightens and tensions are removed. You feel the flexibility of your body and the return of energy… This ancient technique has been perfected over thousands of years and is performed by specialists certified by Wat Po temple. The present King of Thailand, His Majesty Rama IX, enjoys receiving Traditional Thai Massage with pleasure. Perhaps this healing and, at the same time, appeasement treatment helps him rule the Kingdom wisely…

Perfectly combines with Thai Aroma bath and Thai herbal stamp massage.

1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.




Warm oil pouring on the area of “the third eye” and special face, head and upper chest massage technique would be a short and dry description of the most sacral Ayurveda methods. The massage uses ancient knowledge of the so-called “marma and nadis” (“magical points and channels”).

Shirodhara is recommended for modern metropolis dwellers, regardless of age and gender.

First of all you benefit from the deepest anti-stress effect. Secondly, this is a treatment that gives visible and quick rejuvenation effect. Unfortunately, emotions accumulated for years or even decades come out in the form of expression wrinkles. Entire branches of cosmetic industry and aesthetic medicine work to minimize those. But in order to achieve a real long lasting effect, one has to work with the cause – to reduce the negative influence of stress...

It is recommended to combine Shirodhara with Ayurveda full body massages.


treatment with milk 40 min. 39 C.U.
treatment with oil 40 min. 59 C.U.



Experience this combination of massages that joins the traditions of Northern Sweden and Southern Thailand. It is highly recommended to managers coping daily stress. It is also a great way to decelerate and find more tranquillity.

50 min 39 C.U.
hour 20 min 59 C.U.



…… Stimulate your senses with this gentle massage. Different essential oils wrap around you, indulging you in total pampering.

50 min. 39 C.U.
hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



The aroma and warmth of medicinal plants is an excellent prevention of all inflammatory processes. Warming the muscles deeply, herbal stamp massage is a perfect addition to any other massage. It contributes to stable immunity improvement.

20 min. 20 C.U.
50 min. 39 C.U.



It is a method of the oriental massage performed with warm basalt stones of volcanic origin. The use of different massage techniques and warm stones contributes to a deep relaxation of the whole body, stimulates the flow of positive energy and leads you to harmony and serenity. The relaxing warm stones massage guarantees a positive influence at both physical and emotional levels. 

1 hour 20 min 59 C.U.



You can try this unique massage only in Medazur Med Spa. Imagine: Thai, aroma massage, sport and Swedish combined in one session. Fusion massage is perfect for those who are interested in intensive rejuvenation.

1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



The energizing Yin Yang Massage will refresh and revitalize you after a long, intense office day. Muscle tension in such areas as shoulder, neck and back will be reduced and will give you more joy and balance between life and work.

50 min. 39 C.U.



Balinese massage originated in the ancient times. Developing all the time, the ancient Balinese massage absorbed the best massage techniques from around the world. A mark on it has been left by Indian aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, Chinese acupressure, Hawaiian massage, and even by European Swedish massage. Its distinguishing feature is that having gathered the best of all these techniques, it became the jewel of massage.

Just a few sessions of Balinese massage will allow you to​:

  • Deeply relax, get rid of stress and tension
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Enhance your working ability
  • Feel lighter, detoxify your body
  • Reduce headaches, spinal and joint related pain
  • Treat your sport injuries
  • Improve your lymph circulation
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Feel happier  
50 min. 39 C.U.
1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



Oriental people say that “the beauty of the face comes from well-groomed feet”. Indeed, the energy points on feet determine the work of internal organs and systems. Masters from the Thai Kingdom possess this technique to perfection. 20 minutes of this massage can be already sufficient to optimize your condition and to feel more recovered and refreshed after your night's rest.

You can choose either the express variant or “for members of the royal family” (in this case every mm of your feet will be carefully and thoroughly exfoliated; it is only after this procedure that you will get a royal massage).


20 min. 20 C.U.
50 min. 39 C.U.



* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei


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