Medical/therapeutic SPA Massages

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Medical/therapeutic spa Massages

This massage is also known as medical massage giving an excellent preventive effect for over 50 different indications. For a constantly positive result, it is recommended to have sessions twice a week. The therapeutic effect increases in combination with application of healing mud on a relaxing soft pack. In our centre, this technique is performed by specialists with a higher medical education.

20 min 20 C.U.
50 min 39 C.U.



The body will be purified by intensifying the lymph flow. It is recommended for body shaping and slimming, as well as on the next day after significant alcohol consumption (Please, ask for a medical consultation with our specialist before the massage)..

50 min 39 C.U.
1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



Ideal solution for those who want to shape their figures. It is a very powerful, deep, and also painless massage.

50 min 39 C.U.
1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



Calming down and raising mood, relieving tension, giving the feeling of serenity and well-being.

50 min 39 C.U.
1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.



Ideal solution for tension and tiredness relief. Eliminates the stress after-effects and recuperates.

50 min 39 C.U.
1 hour 20 min. 59 C.U.




By manipulating biologically active points it improves the blood flow in internal organs and systems, that is, the general health condition of the body.

20 min 20 C.U.
50 min. 39 C.U.




* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei

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