Treatment of stretch marks and scars

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Treatment of stretch marks and scars

Treatment of stretch marks and scars

Fast weight loss or gain, pregnancy or pubescence can lead to striae (stretch marks) formation on the skin. In order to treat them in the most effective way it is very important to address to a specialist as soon as possible, since the probability of their removal depends completely on how long you have had them.

Scars can appear as a result of an injury or an inflammation, for example after a wound or acne has healed. Scars correction is a very delicate and important process, because when treated incorrectly the course can be ineffective or can even worsen the skin appearance. That’s why it is very important to appeal to professionals who can determine the scar type correctly and recommend a scientifically founded treatment.  

During the consultation our experienced doctor will determine the best procedures to obtain optimal results. As a rule, the treatment is complex and can consist of machine (laser or radio frequency), injectable and cosmetic procedures which stimulate new healthy skin cells formation. As a result striaes and scars fade considerably, are reduced and often can disappear completely. Your skin becomes fine and smooth!

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