Acne treatment

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Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Acne appears when sebum is accumulated in excess in the oil-bag. As a result comedones (blackhead or whitehead) are formed, and large quantity of sebum is the reason of the bacteria intensive growth. As a consequence an inflammatory element is formed on the skin which can leave unaesthetic scars on the skin after its disappearance.

Experienced Medazur Med Spa doctors-dermatologists working over 20 years in dermatocosmetology will help you resolve this problem. Individually selected modern procedures, as well as effective preparations for external use will help you affect the blood vessels supplying the oil-bags and prevent new acne formation. Besides, the right treatment involves vitamins and (if necessary) medications intake, special nutrition plan elaborated by your personal dietitian during the consultation. The doctor dietitian has special education and studied at best American and Russian Universities.

And remember that if treated professionally acne can be removed forever!

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