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Apparative Cosmetology


Deep skin miniaturization, regeneration, as well as relief of muscle tension, edema, redness, irritations, desquamations, and inflammations. You get a 10% discount when prepaying a course consisting of 7 and more treatments.

Fase 25 min 28C.U.
Decollete  25 min 28C.U.
Face and neck  30 min 38C.U.
Face, neck and decollete  35 min 40C.U.
Arms 25 min 20C.U.
Chlorophyll mask for fase 25 min 27.90C.U.
Chlorophyll mask for decollete 25 min 27.90C.U.
Chlorophyll mask for face and neck 30 min 39.90C.U.
Chlorophyll mask for face, neck and decollete 35 min 41.90C.U.
Chlorophyll mask for arms 25 min 21.90C.U.

* Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei

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