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Doctor coordinator is a highly professional physician who has passed special training. The doctor elaborates individual programmes to achieve the desired outcome of improving your health condition and appearance, including rejuvenation, weight loss and body purification.

Doctor-coordinator will help you obtain visible and safe results in minimum time. You will get practical and effective advice on your way of life, which you will be able to use for maintaining the result after finishing the programme. High capacity for work, strong immune system, stress resistance and mental clarity are guaranteed. This fact, along with healthy and beautiful appearance will bring new quality to your life. 

All the individual programmes are a result of complex medical and nutritional research of many years.

The most popular and basic author programmes at Medazur Med Spa are the following: weight loss, body purification, stress management, face and body rejuvenation.

Every Medazur Med Spa author programme combines modern therapy based on natural herbs and vegetable ingredients, balanced nutrition plan elaborated specially for you, a complex of procedures and physical exercises, which can guarantee your health and appearance improvement or correction, not only today, but for a long period of time.

Programme elaboration begins from determining your goal and from analyzing your current way of life and health in details. We perform modern medical and complex diagnostics which allows determining which hormones affect your health and which ingredients you lack in your nutrition for creating the optimal balance. This will allow doctor coordinator elaborate the most efficient programme so as you can obtain the best results.

Call now Medazur Med Spa reception and make sure of the effectiveness of the author programme elaborated by your doctor coordinator!

Weight loss programme:

The program includes:

  • Optimal individual diet;
  • Individually developed recommendations on vitamins and minerals;
  • Herbal mix designed especially for you;
  • Aerosol energy protection by natural essential oils;
  • Minimum set of services necessary to achieve the results.

A very important aspect is that you will neither have to constrain yourself from eating food that you like nor exhaust yourself by long exercise. Your doctor dietitian will help you create delicious, balanced and at the same time correct menu which will allow you achieve the desired outcome without refusing from your usual way of life. Healthy nutrition will help you open the door to the world of wellness and beauty, as well as will give you power and vital energy!

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