Ozone Therapy - face

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Ozone Therapy - face

Ozone Therapy - face

Ozone Therapy is a modern method of treating facial skin with medical ozone which has a powerful rejuvenating action owing to its strong oxidative properties.

Ozone Therapy has a pronounced immunomodulatory action, improves blood circulation in tissues and as a result stimulates metabolism, intensifies collagen and elastin formation, improving facial skin tone and resilience.

Safe and natural skin saturation with rejuvenating ozone is performed using ozone mesotherapy.

We can also treat enlarged vessels on the face with ozone. It is a safe method of introducing high concentration of ozone in the lumen of the vessel with a micro needle. Enlarged vessels will disappear forever after only a few procedures. The advantage of ozone therapy consists in the fact that this procedure leaves no pigment spots or scars after the vessel removal. 

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