PRF Plasma Therapy

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PRF Plasma Therapy

PRF Plasma Therapy

Traditionally in the Medazur Med Spa center we introduce the most advanced and proven therapeutic techniques for the correction of skin aging and aging prevention. Today, in Medazur Med Spa center we use the latest advanced techniques.

  • PRF Plasma Therapy, also known as Plasmolifting,
  • PRP therapy, with plasma enriched with platelets and fibrin.

The PRF method represents intradermal injections of plasma enriched with platelets and fibrin obtained on the newest French equipment, that can effectively stimulate regenerative processes in the skin, strengthen and restore lymphatic and blood microcirculation, and most importantly, to saturate the skin with proteins, required for the synthesis of collagen.

The PRF method is the most secure and efficient, with predictable results, in comparison with other types of plasma therapy. Due to the French standardized equipment, we use the plasma with stable composition characteristics. The greatest effect of rejuvenation and correction of skin lesions, the PRF - therapy gives in combination with collagen synthesis stimulating techniques: photo rejuvenation, fractional ablative laser rejuvenation, fractional RF therapy.

The duration of PRF therapy treatments averages on 4-6 procedures, one time per week. Medazur Med Spa doctors individually will pick the required number of procedures in combination with apparatus anti-aging procedures (photorejuvenation, fractional ablative laser rejuvenation, fractional RF therapy).


Plazmolifting I-PRF injectable 1 hour 89 C.U.
Plasmomask on the face 40 min 59 C.U.
Plasmomask 1 zone (eyes) 40 min 37 C.U.
Plasmomask 1 vial 40 min 29 C.U.

*Payment in MDL. The C.U. is equal to 21 lei 

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