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Cosmetic products


Professional biobalance creating products of «Biosystem» Company have been developed for treatment and prevention of a wide range of disorders of sebaceous glands of the scalp, and generally for healthy scalp and hair maintenance. Products do not contain aromas and colorants. Effectiveness in solving various problems of the scalp has been confirmed.

The composition of “Biosystem” medical professional series includes the following products with a wide action spectrum:

SHAMPOO 1 – shampoo for normal to oily hair.

SHAMPOO 2 – shampoo for dry hair and scalp.

SHAMPOO 3 – shampoo for all hair types.

SHAMPOO 4 – shampoo for very oily hair and scalp.

BIO Balancing Cure – oil treatment for all hair types.

CARE. CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND TREATED HAIR – conditioner for dry hair.

TONIC – scalp treatment tonic for all hair types.


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