Aptos threads

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Aptos threads

Aptos threads

Thread skin rejuvenation technology. 

Aptos thread lift.

Sooner or later, everyone faces the upcoming face skin aging signs. The expression wrinkles, the appearance of sagging loose skin and the soft tissue cause feelings of grief to all those who have reached the age of 30 and are located in the spotlight of several directions in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. As of today, there are a lot of solutions with varying degrees of effectiveness: facial rejuvenation hardware techniques, injection procedures and finally, traditional lift surgery techniques. However, for most of these methods it is difficult to remain on the verge of safety and high efficiency.

Aptos is the first thread facelift technology, officially authorized by the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare of Russian Federation to be used in the surgical and therapeutic cosmetology for the face and body tissue reinforcement, revitalization and lifting.

Since 1996, the Aptos Company is producing unique lifting threads and tools under the Aptos brand name. These threads are widely used by plastic surgeons and cosmetologists in more than 48 countries for many years now.

What is unique about the face and body thread correction?

The thread-lifting technologies’ uniqueness lies in the fact that they are suitable for people with different correction needs, as well as by the fact that they imply no surgical intervention. Their essence consists in the use of innovative lift threads that are introduced subcutaneously without the use of a scalpel. The face thread lift is carried out with minimal interference in the body, thus it does not leave scars and does not require long-term rehabilitation.

When choosing the Aptos methods, you receive:

Individually tailored solutions. Each Aptos face-lift thread type has its own advantages, focused on the rejuvenation of one or more parts of the face, neck or body. In addition, thanks to its minimum extent of traumaticity, the thread lift technology can be recommended to people who can not use the traditional surgical lifting methods for one reason or another.

Maximally natural result. The thread facelift is performed at a depth of no more than 3-5 mm, which eliminates the risk of damaging the nerves and the major blood vessels. Every thread lifting technology guarantees minimum period of rehabilitation and preservation of facial expressions.

Complete safety, minimal injuries and long-term effect. These are the goals that the thread lift technologies’ developers pursue in their work while creating new products. The thread lifting safety is guaranteed by the use of suture materials that are used in medicine to stitch wounds for several decades. The minimum lifting injuries are due to the replacement of the scalpel by threads with specially designed needles and hubs that allow stitching the tissue subcutaneously through a puncture in the lifting region.

The quickest visible results. The thread lifting of the eyebrows or other areas of the face does not last more than 15 minutes while the whole face lifting lasts about 30 minutes. The first improvements are seen right after the procedure and the final results show in 2-3 weeks and last from 2 to 5 years depending on the material and the type of the thread used.

Aptos – a guarantee of quality products and unsurpassed efficiency methods!

In our center, the procedure is carried out by the author of the method - the plastic surgeon G. Sulamanidze.

• Drooping of the outer eyebrow.
• Buccal folds («jowls»).
• Pronounced nasolabial folds.
• Skin folds on the chin.
• Skin folds on the neck.

The result preserves from two to five years and depends on a number of factors:
• Thread type.
• Patient age.
• Lifestyle and living standard.
• Skin type.
• Correct facial care, etc. 

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