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Facial cleansing treatment for comedones (blackheads) and miliums (white spots). Skin preparation for different cosmetic treatments: photo rejuvenation, peelings, injections etc.

The uniqueness of Medazur Med Spa cleansing procedure consists in the use of special mask. It heats the skin up and opens the pores gently. The cleansing is carried out without steam, it is non-traumatic, but at the same time deep. Unlike other methods, this approach protects the blood vessels and minimizes the appearance of redness and discomfort during and after the procedure.

Deep cleansing 1 hour 20 min.  34.90 C.U.
Cleansing of problem skin 1 hour 30 min.  39.90 C.U.

* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment

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