Enlarged vessels removal

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Enlarged vessels removal

Enlarged vessels removal

It helps you get rid of aesthetic vascular problems, such as vascular asterisks and spider veins, hemangiomas, rosacea, without your skin damage.

1-10 shots 2.55 C.U./shot
11-20 shots 1.70 C.U./shot
21-50 shots 1.15 C.U./shot
51-100 shots 0.85 C.U./shot
101-200 shots 0.60 C.U./shot
201 + shots 0.25 C.U./shot







Laser Therapy
It is one of the most effective and harmless lasers in the world that has been certified for removing leg veins up to 3mm diameter, as well as body and face veins without anaesthesia or surgical intervention. Due to the new patented cooling system, the laser makes it safely, excluding any scar formation.

1-10 shots 2.55 C.U./shot
11-50 shots 1.25 C.U./shot
51-100 shots 0.85 C.U./shot
101-300 shots 0.60 C.U./shot
301-500 shots 0.35 C.U./shot
501 +  shots 0.25 C.U./shot







Ozone Therapy
It is a safe method of introducing highly concentrated ozone in the lumen of the vessel with a micro needle. Enlarged vessels will disappear forever after only a few procedures. The advantage of the ozone therapy is in the fact that this procedure leaves no pigment spots or scars after vessel removal.

1 area 30 min 31.20 C.U.
2 areas 45 min 48.80 C.U.
3 areas 1 hour 61.75 C.U.




This is the most progressive and efficient method of introducing a sclerosant into a vascular vein aimed at its ablation.

1 area 30 min 49.90 C.U.
2 areas 45 min 89.90 C.U.
3 areas 1 hour 109 C.U.





* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment

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