“So Pure” Spa Rite

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Hair Treatment and Restoration

“So Pure” spa Rite

Hydrates and strengthens hair and scalp, and preserves the colour of dyed hair. It is recommended especially after dyeing procedures in order to preserve hair strong and shiny.

This procedure contributes to hair growth. “So pure” spa rite is a natural hair therapy based exclusively on natural ingredients: vegetal fibres and oil extracts.

So Pure is offered in 4 versions, each of which provides you with the maximum effect:

• against hair loss;
• color care;
• for oily hair;
• intense hydration.

Our specialist will help you choose the most appropriate direction, depending on what your hair needs the most. So Pure is a spa ritual, which is simultaneously held with anti stress aroma therapy and, apart from the exceptional effect, brings you peace of mind and inner harmony.

Relax, enjoy and treat your hair with the best hair care. 

75 min 37.90 C.U.



* Payment in MDL at the exchange rate of the NBM for the day of payment

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