Skin biostimulation with Maestro laser

It is a unique and popular treatment with a great anti-aging effect.  
This is the perfect combination of biostimulation laser therapy with the effects of a gel containing bicarbonate anionites and vitamins, Le Masque de Laser Asklepio 
Laser gel mask has a multifunctional use:

  • deep hydration
  • skin regeneration
  • muscle tension reduction (the main cause of wrinkles formation) 
  • edema elimination
  • redness, flaking, and inflammation removal -  SOS-procedure!
  • confers the skin a smooth and healthy appearance
  • recommended for age of 18 and up (according to indications) 

To enhance the anti-aging effect, it's desirable to combine the laser gel mask with a facial massage.



25 minutes
31 c.u.
25 minutes
31 c.u.
Face, neck
30 minutes
41 c.u.
Face, neck, décolletage
35 minutes
44 c.u.
25 minutes
20 c.u.
Payment in Moldovan lei. 1 c.u. - 22 MDL